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Welcome to Southern Plastic Surgery Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to Southern Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, where we focus on delivering cosmetic surgery results so natural that even your friends will be wondering why you look so great! Each patient’s goals are different, as are their needs. Dr. David Whiteman will discuss your individual goals in order to deliver discrete, natural looking results that are perfect for you, no matter what your goals are.

Choosing a plastic surgeon can be difficult, as you’re deciding who to entrust with your outward appearance. With so many options for plastic surgery in the Atlanta , Georgia area, it is important that you choose a doctor with extensive training and education, as well as many years of experience performing cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Whiteman’s Southern Plastic Surgery practice is well into its second decade serving the Atlanta community, with hundreds of satisfied cosmetic surgery patients. We invite you to explore our testimonials page to read their stories.

At Southern Plastic Surgery, the goal of educating you about both the benefits and risks of cosmetic surgery is second only to our desire to safely achieve or exceed your expectations. Plastic surgery is complicated, so during your initial visit to our office in Atlanta, Georgia, we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible. We welcome you to explore this site and find the basics, and then contact our plastic surgery center to learn more.

It is important that you have complete faith in your surgeon, and we are confident that Dr. Whiteman’s experience and abilities will produce results that will leave you breathless.

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Meet Dr. Whiteman

Dr. David Whiteman has been offering excellent plastic surgery to the Atlanta, Georgia community for over a decade. With excellent educational credentials, board certification, and an artistic eye, Dr. Whiteman strives to offer each and every patient the utmost in cosmetic care. To that end, Dr. Whiteman is dedicated to patient education and answering every question you may have fully and honestly. You will never be pressured into an unnecessary procedure at Southern Plastic Surgery; quite the opposite. Dr. Whiteman may actually discourage a procedure if he doesn’t believe it will help you reach your goals, or if he believes it could possibly be detrimental to your health.

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If you’re in the Atlanta area and have been thinking of cosmetic surgery, contact Southern Plastic Surgery and Dr. Whiteman today. We’ll make sure you’re prepared both mentally and physically for any procedure you need.

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