With Thanksgiving upon us, there is no better time to reflect on all the things we have to be thankful for. This can mean giving thanks for the special people in our life, the great things that we got to experience over the past year, or for men who experience gynecomastia, a chance to earn a new lease on life thanks to male breast reduction surgery. For anyone who may not know, gynecomastia is a condition that causes male breast enlargement due to excess glandular tissue in the chest area. Male breast reduction can help by safely removing this excess tissue (as well as some fat and skin) to create a flatter, more masculine chest contour. Below I list a few reasons why guys should be thankful for male breast reduction this Thanksgiving.

3 Reasons for Men to Be Thankful for Male Breast ReductionReason #1: Recovery is Fairly Straightforward

Like any surgical procedure, some post-surgery recovery will be required after undergoing male breast reduction. However, the recovery period is not so bad. Soreness should be expected in the days immediately following surgery, but pain is usually minimal. My patients are advised to wear a compression garment after male breast reduction to help manage their post-surgery swelling and promote good healing. Some guys are able to return to work one week after their surgery, but this can vary depending on how physically strenuous your job is.

Reason #2: Results Can Be Seen Immediately

While it will take time for the final results of your male breast reduction to develop, you will definitely notice a difference once your procedure has been completed. These results will only improve in the weeks and months after the procedure as post-surgical swelling is reduced and visible scarring continues to fade. It can take between 3-6 months for the final results of the surgery to reveal themselves, although every patient heals at a different rate.

Reason #3: The Results are Often Very Long-Lasting

Once removed, the excess tissue, fat, and skin will not return. This means that the results achieved from male breast reduction are intended to last a lifetime. However, certain lifestyle habits like using steroids or certain illegal drugs can lead to a recurrence of gynecomastia. I strongly recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly when you are finished recovery from male breast reduction to promote the best, longest-lasting aesthetic results.

Male breast reduction can be an amazing way for guys to feel more comfortable in their clothes by improving their body contour and self-esteem. Although the physical results are often fantastic, in my experience, the emotional impact of this procedure can be even more significant. If you are interested in male breast reduction and would like to learn more, contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation. And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional tips, news, photos, and more from the world of plastic surgery.