In all of my years as a board-certified plastic surgeon, I have learned that every single patient has unique, specific aesthetic preferences. What may seem appealing to one patient can be the furthest thing from what the next one wants. That’s why I’m not surprised that breast augmentation procedures and breast reduction procedures are both exceedingly popular.

4 Things to Know Before Breast Reduction Surgery

During breast reduction surgery, I remove breast tissue, fat, and skin to provide patients with a more manageable breast size and shape. Although some women who prefer smaller breasts may seek breast reduction for cosmetic reasons, many patients choose breast reduction to remedy health issues caused by large, heavier breasts like posture or back and neck pain. Like any other plastic surgery procedure, the more informed the patient is, the more likely they will find the surgery to help them reach their aesthetic goals. That’s why I’m happy to provide some info for women to consider before breast reduction surgery.

A Breast Reduction is NOT a Breast Lift

Because surgeons often perform a breast lift as part of breast reduction surgery, it’s common for people to confuse the two procedures, but they are not the same. Unlike a breast reduction, in which excess fat, breast tissue, and skin are removed to reduce the overall size of the breast, a breast lift only removes excess skin to lift and reshape sagging breasts.

You May Want to Wait Before Undergoing Your Breast Reduction

To get the most out of your breast reduction, it’s important to wait until you’ve reached an age when your breasts have finished growing and developing. That’s why breast reductions are not typically recommended for patients in their early teenage years. Additionally, even if your breasts have fully developed, other changes in the body caused by pregnancy or weight fluctuation can also negatively affect the results of your procedure.

Don’t Expect to Discuss Results in Terms of Cup Size

During your breast reduction consultation, don’t be alarmed if your plastic surgeon cannot give you an accurate estimate of your post-procedure cup size. This is because there are really no standards in the bra industry and cup sizes vary from one brand to the next. Instead, your surgeon will likely speak in more precise terms and cite the amount of breast tissue that will be removed.

It Will Take Time to See Your Final Results

Your breasts will need some time to settle into their new appearance following breast reduction. Although you will notice a difference soon after your surgery and initial recovery period, it can take several months for the swelling to completely resolve and your final results to be seen. Post-surgery scarring will also gradually fade as the months go on.

In my experience, patient satisfaction after breast reduction is typically extremely high. Whether you want breast reduction to help achieve the look you desire or to relieve the physical and emotional stress of having breasts that are too large, the results can be truly life-changing. For more information or to schedule a cosmetic breast surgery consultation today, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram for more tips, photos, and updates.