Communication is crucial for both patients who have undergone a cosmetic breast procedure and those who are in the consideration process. It’s important because it allows the surgeon to get an honest overview of the aesthetic goal the patient truly wants and helps better craft a surgical plan to help them achieve the best results possible. This is exactly why I openly welcome any and all questions from my patients and view plastic surgery consultations as the golden opportunity to help educate and illuminate my patients on common concerns related to their procedures. My hope during this face-to-face time with new and existing patients is that by sharing these honest answers, I am able to both educate and encourage other patients in an effective way that not only gives them confidence in my ability as their trusted surgeon, but comfortable and excited about their upcoming procedure – and ultimately final results. This week I’ll be addressing questions about three of my most popularly performed cosmetic breast procedures: breast augmentation, breast revision & male breast reduction.

common-breast-procedure-questionsQ: Is it normal to still be experiencing discomfort ten days after a breast augmentation procedure?
A: Firstly, patients must keep in mind that they, and ultimately their bodies, are all different. The scale of discomfort for one person may be completely opposite for another so it’s important to keep in mind that no two patients necessarily experience the same recovery. Depending on how diligent patients are with post-surgical instructions and properly caring for their surgical sites, some pain or discomfort several days after a procedure can be expected. If discomfort is chronic, then addressing these concerns during the follow-up consultation is vital to not only make your surgeon aware of how you’re feeling but to quickly evaluate and confirm if further actions need to be taken.

Q: After getting implants years ago, I plan on undergoing breast revision with a different plastic surgeon. What kind of questions should I be asking during consultations?
A: As with all cosmetic surgery consultations, prospective breast revision patients should ask plastic surgeons about how much experience they have performing this procedure, as well as how the surgeon can help achieve the aesthetic goals most desired. Research their credentials, spend quality time looking over before and after photos of past breast revisions they have performed, and make sure you’re just as comfortable with the surgeon – just as you would with any other medical professional. As always, take time to discuss your goals and expectations in advance of your procedure so you can reasonably know what to expect going in.

Q: Are male breast reduction results permanent?
A: Like many other cosmetic procedures, male breast reduction results have the ability to be long-lasting, but that greatly depends on the lifestyle choices made by the patient in the time following their procedure. In this instance, it’s important to maintain a healthy bodyweight after male breast reduction and avoid substances that can affect testosterone levels and ultimately alter previous results.

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