For women with overly large breasts, the constant struggle to fit into clothes properly, or efficiently engage in physical activity can be exhausting. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Whiteman performs breast reduction surgery to address the emotional and physical discomforts women commonly experience when suffering from heavy, sagging breasts.

breast augmentation recoveryThe ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery is an individual who has difficulty fitting into bras or tops, as well as those who suffer from poor posture and pain of the neck, back, or shoulders. Additionally, Dr. Whiteman recommends that you who are currently in the process of losing weight or still planning on having children to wait until after these occasions to have a breast reduction as both weight gain and pregnancy can cause the breast tissue to enlarge, ultimately altering the results of the surgery.

During your consultation with Dr. Whiteman, you will discuss your personal cosmetic surgery goals, medical history, as well as take measurements, assess breast shape, the elasticity of the skin, and the positioning of the areola. Utilizing various surgical techniques, excess breast tissue is removed and the remaining tissue is lifted and shaped. For patients with exceptionally large breasts, Dr. Whiteman can reposition the nipple and areola to a more suitable location on the breast to produce the most aesthetically-pleasing results.

Following surgery, Dr. Whiteman will wrap your breasts in gauze and an elastic bandage or support bra in order to secure the new breasts and minimize swelling as they heal. You will begin to see a noticeable difference in breast size and volume immediately and most are able to return to work within two weeks and resume physical activity five to six weeks after surgery.

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