Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) in Atlanta, GA

The term bat wing is generally used to describe the nature of sagging skin that accumulates and droops downward on the arms.  When patients experience significant changes in weight, skin that becomes stretched over time cannot be re-tightened, even with the most diligent diet and exercise regimen.  Since collagen also inherently breaks down as we age, the sagging appearance that occurs to the arms can become more noticeable.

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Regardless of how localized fat and excess skin accumulates, the solution to help improve the contours of the arms is with an arm lift, or brachioplasty.  Depending on the extent of your lax skin and remaining tissue, there are several incision techniques I utilize to help hide any visible scarring beneath the arm.  The actual arm lift procedure consists of removing loose skin, addressing stubborn fat and smoothing over the remaining skin to restore a more proportionally-toned look to the arms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arm Lift Surgery

Q: Am I a good candidate for an arm lift?
Candidates for arm lift surgery are adults with sagging skin in the upper arm area. Arm lift candidates should not be significantly overweight. Additionally, the procedure is not recommended for patients who smoke or who have any medical conditions that could impair the healing process.

Q: How long will my results from arm lift surgery last?
Arm lift procedures provide extremely long-lasting results. While firmness will be lost naturally as the body ages, patients who maintain stable body weight can reasonably expect their results to last a lifetime as long as their weight remains stable.