Dr-Whiteman-photoBeing there for my patients and guiding them through their plastic surgery journeys is always a point of pride for me and my staff here at Southern Plastic Surgery. And one of the more important ways that I can be there for my patients is having the experience and knowledge to provide accurate and trustworthy answers to whatever questions they may have about their cosmetic procedure. Blog posts like this one allow me to discuss a range of plastic surgery topics and answer some questions that I’ve received from my patients over the years, in hopes of educating people currently considering plastic surgery.

Question #1: What are the most common complications from eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is incredibly safe and there is an extremely low risk of complications following the procedure. And even in cases where one should occur, the effects are typically minor. The most common of which are dryness in the eyes, and the possibility of infection as is a risk with any surgery. As long as you have your surgery performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, complications should not be a worry to patients interested in eyelid surgery.

Question #2: What is the maximum amount of fat that I can have removed with liposuction?

The actual amount of fat removed during liposuction surgery depends on each patient’s specific needs and their overall size, as well as which area(s) are being treated and what technique is used. However, as a general rule the most fat that a plastic surgeon can safely remove during a single liposuction procedure is approximately 5 liters depending on the factors just mentioned. This is more than enough to provide outstanding body contouring results without risking the patient’s safety or wellbeing. While it can be difficult to visualize exactly how much fat is in one liter, we will discuss the results that you can reasonably expect from liposuction during the pre-surgery consultation.

Question #3: What is the difference between a thigh lift and a lower body lift?

While both a thigh lift procedure and a lower body lift are body contouring surgeries intended to help people remove excess loose skin after weight loss, they are very different procedures. A thigh lift is designed to eliminate limited fat deposits and excess, sagging skin of the upper leg. It can be performed to address the inner thigh, the front of the thigh, or the upper third of the leg. A lower body lift is a more comprehensive procedure that can include rejuvenation of the legs, torso, buttock, hips, and back, depending on the patient’s needs and preferences.

It goes without saying that every plastic surgery patient will inevitably have their own unique questions, concerns, and curiosities. This is why I always make time to address anything my patients want to know about their respective cosmetic procedure during consultations in my office. For more information or to schedule a complimentary cosmetic surgery consultation, contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery today. Don’t forget to follow along with us on Facebook, and Instagram for additional patient testimonials, news, and much more.