Dr. David Whiteman Plastic SurgeonWelcome to the latest installment in my ongoing “Ask Dr. Whiteman” blog series. For anyone unfamiliar, I like to use these blog posts to answer general questions about cosmetic surgery that I have received from patients during plastic surgery consultations. I have found that doing so can help educate prospective patients while also reducing common concerns regarding cosmetic surgery that some people may have. This month, I am happy to answer questions regarding some of the most in-demand cosmetic surgery procedures I perform including liposuction, eyelid surgery, and the tummy tuck.

Question #1: What is the largest amount of fat that can be removed during liposuction surgery?

Here in the US, the most fat that can be safely removed during a single liposuction procedure is 5 liters. This is true no matter which area of the body is treated. Removing this much fat is more than enough to provide significant and impressive body contouring results in my experience. While some patients have told me that the maximum is higher in places like Mexico, I often discourage my patients from traveling abroad for plastic surgery due to safety and quality concerns.

Question #2: Am I too young to undergo eyelid surgery?

An in-person consultation will be required before I can determine if someone is or is not a good candidate for eyelid surgery or any other cosmetic procedure. However, age is not typically one of my primary factors in making this determination. People age differently and some people may experience premature facial aging sooner than others. Additionally, some patients may have different reasons for undergoing eyelid surgery such as hooded eyes in their upper eye region or premature bags under their eyes. As long as the patient is an adult who is healthy enough to undergo the surgery and I feel it is in their best interest, age should not be a restriction.

Question #3: Will the results of a drainless tummy tuck differ from the results of a traditional tummy tuck?

The primary difference between a standard tummy tuck (using surgical drains) and a drainless tummy tuck can be seen in how the procedure is performed, not in the final aesthetic results of the surgery. Unlike a standard tummy tuck, a drainless tummy tuck uses a special suturing technique to seal the incision area, removing the need for post-surgical drains. I take time to discuss the advantages of the different tummy tuck methods that I perform, including my scarpa fascia technique for waist enhancement, during consultation appointments.

I understand that there can often be a lot to know for patients in the early stages of pursuing a cosmetic surgery procedure. Hopefully these questions and answers can help guide people to the information they need during their planning stages. For more information or to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation today, contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery. You can also follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for even additional plastic surgery news, tips, photos, and more.