Dr-Whiteman-photoWelcome back to our ongoing “Ask Dr. David Whiteman” blog series. Knowledge is power in the world of plastic surgery and I am always happy to answer any questions my patients might have about the cosmetic procedures that I perform. After all, plastic surgery is complex stuff and there is a lot that any patient should know before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, even one that might seem relatively minor. This month, I’ll be answering questions on a variety of cosmetic surgery topics including breast implants, rhinoplasty, and fat transfer injections.

Question #1: Are there any potential health concerns related to breast implants?

In my opinion, breast Implants are very safe and do not pose any threat for potential health concerns. As long as a woman is a good candidate to safely undergo breast augmentation and her surgery is performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, I would safely recommend breast augmentation. It’s important to bring up any potential safety concerns that you may have during your pre-surgery consultation.

Question #2: Can performing nasal exercises help reshape my nose?

Unfortunately not. Performing these exercises will not be able to reshape the cartilage or provide any meaningful change in the appearance of your nose. Rhinoplasty surgery can help reshape or resize the nose for people who desire this result. Some patients may be good candidates to undergo a non-surgical rhinoplasty using facial filler injections, but the results of this procedure are typically more modest in nature.

Question #3: How long will the results of fat transfer injections last?

It’s a fact that every patient is different and the results achieved with any cosmetic procedure can vary from person to person. However, fat transfer injections can often provide long-lasting aesthetic results. It’s important for patients to maintain a stable body weight after fat transfer, as losing or gaining weight can alter the volume in certain areas of the face and body. In some cases, touch-up injections in the years following their initial fat transfer can help add additional volume that may be lost over time.

I take the responsibility of educating my patients very seriously. Information like this can be critical for people when trying to understand and decide if plastic surgery is right for them. If you have any additional questions of your own, don’t hesitate to contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation today. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for even additional plastic surgery news, tips, photos, and more.