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When trying to address an aesthetic imperfection and improve your appearance, the face can be a perfect place to start. But with so many options for facial rejuvenation available, it can be difficult for some patients to know which procedure is the right choice for them. In addition to plastic surgery for the face like facelifts and rhinoplasty procedures, there are several nonsurgical cosmetic treatments for the face that can provide outstanding results for anyone who is interested in refreshing the appearance of their face. To help guide patients in their search, I have taken some time to answer a few questions about some popular cosmetic procedures for the face.

Ask Dr. Whiteman What Are My Facial Rejuvenation Options

Dear Dr. Whiteman,

I am interested in eyelid surgery, but I’m busy with work and concerned about potential recovery time. What can I expect from recovery from eyelid surgery?


Dear “D”,

Recovery can vary from patient to patient, but I am able to perform eyelid surgery as an in-office cosmetic procedure. This means for most patients, surgery can be safely performed in our office instead of a hospital or surgery center. Your stitches will be removed in 5 -7 days following surgery. During that first week, it’s important to give your eyes plenty of rest. Although there will be some redness and swelling after your procedure, this is temporary and will fade rather quickly. Patients can typically return to work between 7 – 10 days after their eyelid surgery. Using a cold compress and closely following your surgeon’s post-surgery instructions will aid in your recovery.

Dear Dr. Whiteman,

How safe are fat transfer injections for the face?


Dear “R”,

Fat transfer injections are very safe. They use your own fat that is removed during liposuction to add volume to areas like the cheeks and lips, as well as other areas of the body like the buttocks and breasts. After the fat is removed, it is purified and then safely injected back into the body. Since fat transfer injections use your own fat, there is very little chance of any potential adverse reactions to your treatment. As you begin to heal from your fat transfer injections, the injected fat will safely adapt to its new location.

Dear Dr. Whiteman,

I have been struggling with a double chin for years. Is there any procedure or treatment that you think could help?


Dear “J”,

You are in luck. At my practice, I perform a few different procedures for patients who wish to reduce the submental fat the accumulates under the chin and causes the appearance of a double chin. Liposuction can be used in the neck and jowl area to help remove stubborn fat that will not respond to diet and exercise. Additionally, Kybella® Nonsurgical Fat Reduction is an FDA-approved way to help reduce the appearance of the double chin without the need for surgery. During your consultation, I will present all your treatment options to help determine the best course of action for your specific needs. We may also use Crisalix 3D Imaging technology to provide a projection of what the final results of your procedure may look like.

Today, patients seeking facial rejuvenation have more options than ever. If you’re still not sure which cosmetic procedure is the best choice to help you achieve the aesthetic results you desire, a complimentary plastic surgery consultation can help. For more information on plastic surgery or to schedule your consultation today, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ for more plastic surgery tips, photos, videos, and more.