One of the most rewarding parts of life as a plastic surgeon is hearing from my patients about the profound impact their procedure has had on their lives. There is a common perception that a surgeon’s relationship with his or her patient ends after their surgery is completed, but this is patently false. Nothing makes me happier than hearing from one of my patients that they are satisfied with their results and feel they have truly achieved the improved appearance they desired. That’s why I’m excited to share some special words I received from one such patient. The patient’s name has been changed to protect her identity.  

Dr David WhitemanDear Dr. Whiteman,

I am a patient of yours that traveled several times from Florida to Atlanta to make sure that I was getting an expert opinion on my procedure: breast reduction with liposuction. I wanted a smaller breast size since I am a petite female and the front load was affecting my cervical spine. I had recently undergone a serious surgery with lumbar stenosis which involved my spinal cord. I will have pain forever, but am working through it with stretching, exercise, and physical therapy. Despite my wishes, I had consulted with seven board certified plastic surgeons and was told an emphatically not to pursue this type of procedure by all of them, without ever receiving a good reason why not.

In 2011, I initially underwent my breast reduction in Florida. When I awoke after my procedure was complete, I was told by the nurse in a whispered voice, “he didn’t take anything out, but he did a great breast lift.”

I went back to this “plastic surgeon” repeatedly after my procedure for cortisone shots because I developed keloids and hypertrophic scarring. During one of these appointments, I asked him why he did not perform the reduction like I had wanted. The answer I received was, “you have great breasts that women pay thousands of dollars to get. I did what I felt was best for you.” At the time, I was five feet tall, weighed 118 pounds and had a EE cup.

Feeling betrayed, I sought the advice of the top plastic surgeons in Florida. They all asked for my surgical report, which I was finally able to secure after multiple attempts (and $75.00). All seven surgeons told me that there was no record of how much tissue my surgeon removed during my procedure and no record of where the blood supply was located.

I thought my situation was hopeless, but then I found you! You performed the breast reduction I wanted and assured me there would be an additional lifting effect since it was mostly fat that you would suction out. Suffice it to say, you were right and I am thrilled and pleased with the outcome of my procedure. My only concern is the hard, lumpy scar tissue I feel inside that is painful. I am trying to massage the area and am considering a warm electrical massager, but will await your advice.

I thank you from the bottom on my heart for allowing me to feel typical in clothing! Finally, at almost 70 years old, I can button a medium blouse and not feel self-conscious about my breast size. You are a brilliant, kind, compassionate human being, and your honesty is your best asset along with your wonderful personality. I thank you forever.


It was certainly wonderful to hear from this patient and to find out she was so happy with the results of her procedure. Regardless of the places their unique journeys take them, the ultimate destination for all cosmetic surgery patients is the same: a new rejuvenated appearance that they can feel great about. If you have had a similar experience, we would love to hear from you. For more information or to schedule your plastic surgery consultation, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery today.