Plastic surgery can have a drastically positive impact on a person’s life. From the patients with the goal of wanting to feel confident in the way their clothes fit by choosing breast augmentation, to the grandmother of eight wanting to restore her pre-grammy body with a Grammy makeover, and the woman celebrating major weight loss success with a breast lift – finally choosing to do something that will make them happier in their day-to-day lives is what it’s all about. Then on the other hand, I have patients who choose breast procedures to physically improve their health AND their overall happiness with a breast reduction. Let’s explore the details and benefits of breast reduction for women and how it can make an impact in your life.

What Can Cause Changes to the BreastsWho makes a good breast reduction candidate?

  • Patients whose breasts have fully developed
  • Patients with big breasts, as in too big to fit their natural body frame
  • Patients who experience severe physical discomfort due to overly large breasts (back, shoulder, and neck pain)
  • Patients with bad posture because they’re carrying a heavier load on their chest
  • Patients who are not comfortable in the way their clothing fits
  • Patients who are self-conscious by the way their breasts look

How can breast reduction help you?

Improve health – one of the main causes for concern for patients are the physical pains associated with carrying a large amount of excess fat, skin, and tissue before their breast reduction. Heavier weight on the chest often causes patients to slouch or slump when they’re standing and sitting, which can directly cause chronic pain to the back and neck.

Get active – many women with big breasts will tell you it’s not easy to get in a good exercise routine. Efforts such as wearing multiple sports bras to support the breasts and reduce their prominence often are not enough. Attempts at working out can be difficult with the added stress of dealing with pain associated with the extra weight and that could be enough to discourage just about any of us to stick to it. Once a woman has undergone a breast reduction however, these once negative factors associated with exercise will fade and they can finally begin to reap the benefits of regular exercise (like reducing stress, increasing brain function, improving sleep, and even serving as an anti-aging booster).

Boost confidence – having large breasts can draw unwanted attention for some women. They’d rather not have their breasts be the first thing a person notices or their ill-fitted clothing to keep them from enjoying social settings. The goal of a breast reduction is to specifically reduce the size and appearance of the breasts – with a strong focus on making them more proportionate to the patient’s body frame. While it’s true they’ll sit higher, fit in clothing better, and not stand-out like before, our main goal is to help produce the most natural and comfortable breast reduction results for you.

What goes into a breast reduction procedure?

I’ve been a double-board certified plastic surgeon for over 22 years and have been fortunate to work with breast surgery patients of all ages but I still like to take a specialized approach of customizing breast surgery for each individual. Typically speaking though, when I perform a breast reduction, I start by removing underlying breast tissue and extra skin that has been stretched over time and finish by reshaping and lifting the remaining tissue to their new size – one more comfortably suited for your body, goals, and lifestyle.

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