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  • Dr. David Whiteman Helps Deserving Mother on TLC’s Ultimate Makeover

    Tami Magby celebrated mother’s day in an exceptional way this year. Not only did she celebrate her wonderful 10 year-old-son, successfully juggling two jobs, and being a part-time student, but she also celebrated her new body. Tami was the recipient of plastic surgery by Dr. David Whiteman of Southern Plastic Surgery as well as free personal training session by personal trainer Daryl Madison of Lifestyle Fitness.

    Tami’s journey, chronicled by TLC’s Ultimate Makeover, began when she saw a similar candidate on another episode of the show and “something clicked.” “I knew I owed it to myself to learn how to better care for my body,” declared Tami. Dr. Whiteman and Daryl Madison knew she deserved the ultimate makeover when she lost the prerequisite 15 pounds and quit smoking to prepare her body for liposuction and a tummy tuck and to aid in better healing.

    During his initial consultation with Tami, Dr. Whiteman reiterated, “This is going to be a team effort. I know how to make your body look better, but it’s up to you to commit to exercising regularly and engaging in healthy living by not smoking to really see the kind of results you want in order to be satisfied.”

    Dr. Whiteman, a long time proponent of total patient care was very thorough when it came to understanding Tami’s long-term goals and desired results, “Tami’s situation is very common amongst patients her age. They’re incredibly busy. Juggling children, family, and job can make you lose discipline when it comes to health. They go and go and go and tend to run out of steam when it comes to maintaining a regular exercise routine and a healthy weight with the changing metabolism that often emerges during a woman’s 30’s and 40’s.”

    Dr. Whiteman’s expert surgical skill and Daryl’s inspirational fitness guidance combined with Tami’s determination to better her life paid off. The now svelte mother stood proudly in front of her family and friends at her big reveal party to show-off her new body.

    “I am so thankful for what Dr. Whiteman, Daryl, and everyone from the show have done for me. I now look, and more importantly, feel good. I know I’ll be able to better do all the things I did before because I’m physically more able,” declared Tami during her Ultimate Makeover’s interview.

    If you would like to see more of Tami’s story visit visit Dr. Whiteman’s You Tube channel to view her clips from the show. To learn more about Dr. Whiteman or the procedures he offers visit his website or call (770) 622-9100.

    Study Shows Rise in Number of Unqualified Practitioners Offering Cosmetic Services like Liposuction and Botox

    It is not surprising that, in a down economy, people will be doing anything they can to keep their business afloat and continue to make money. Understandably, fast food chains will jump on the “value menu” bandwagon or nail salons will begin to offer two for one pricing – but what is the beyond the realm of understanding is unqualified medical practitioners who are offering surgeries they have no training for. Unfortunately, this is exactly what has been happening in the world of cosmetic surgery procedures, namely liposuction and the administering of injections like Botox® and Dysport®.

    In a recent study, published in the April issue of the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery journal, researchers found that nearly 40 percent of doctors offering liposuction in the Southern California area had NO specific surgical training. In fact, other than plastic surgeons, dermatologists, otolaryngologists (head/ Neck surgeons), and Primary Care Physicians were the top four groups providing liposuction. The study examined 1876 cosmetic practitioners in the California test area, and only 495 of them were trained in plastic surgery!

    So, how can people get away with this? Well first of all, there is no law that makes offering these services illegal because no actual training in surgery is required by law. Second of all, injections and liposuction can technically be performed in a practitioner’s office; therefore, hospital privileges (which are only given to legitimate, qualified doctors) are not an issue. What consumers are left with are untrained/ minimally trained practitioners offering surgical procedures in less than safe conditions just to see a bump in their paycheck.

    Luckily, there are things that you, as a consumer, can do to protect yourself. First of all, be weary of misleading practice names that are not supported and backed by a real doctor. You have every right to ask about your practitioner’s qualifications, so make sure that you do so. You want to make sure when getting any cosmetic or surgical procedure that your physician is board certified in plastic surgery, and not just general surgery – specific training in plastic surgery is the key to the best and safest results.

    For more information on Dr. Whiteman’s qualifications, visit the Southern Plastic Surgery website. Feel free to contact our office with any more questions you may have!