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  • Forget Underwire! Laser Bra Surgery offers “built in” push up for breasts

    Over the years, women have tried everything to make their breasts look more lifted– from push up bras, to insertable pads to cosmetic surgery. However, a new laser technique called “Laser Bra Surgery” uses laser technology to give the breasts more permanent lift and support.

    Instead of a removing the excess skin in a traditional breast lift surgery, Laser Bra Surgery uses that skin to make an “internal bra” out of your own excess breast tissue. Surgeons use a CO2 laser, much like the laser used in facial treatments to tighten loose skin and remove facial wrinkles. But instead of tightening the excess skin on your face, the laser tightens the tissue underneath your breast, attaches this tissue to your chest wall and voila! you have an internal bra made up of your very own breast tissue.

    Laser bra surgery is usually done in conjunction with a traditional breast lift, therefore the scarring will be pretty much the same (incision around the nipple, line from nipple to crease underneath the breast, and a line across the crease under your breast). The advantage of this procedure is that, because of the internal support tissue, the results of the lift will last longer than a traditional breast lift alone. Also, because it is your own tissue, the “bra” cannot be felt in the body.

    Laser Bra surgery is a fairly new procedure with which few surgeons have experience with, so it is important that you seek someone qualified if you are considering the procedure. Although we do not do this procedure in our office, traditional breast lifts, reductions, and augmentations can also produce the desired look of lifted, more youthful breasts. Contact Dr. David Whiteman to find out more about the breast procedures offered at Southern Plastic Surgery.
    As a proponent of medical laser technology, Dr. Whiteman is also co-owner of Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center. Visit the Laser Lights website to see what services they are currently offering. Laser Lights and Dr. Whiteman will also be holding an open house Thursday, September 17, 2009, offering specials and a chance to get to know the staff.



    Hellooo Dysport! New Competitor Shakes Up the Cosmetic Injectable Competition

    dysport_logo-2For years Botox® Cosmetic had somewhat of a monopoly on the cosmetic injectable market; but the introduction of Dysport® has shaken things up a bit.

    Introduced by the pharmaceutical company Medicis (the makers of Restylane® ), Dysport® removes and corrects wrinkles similar to the way that Botox® does; that is, by injection of a highly purified protein that serves to relax the muscles in the face, leaving you with a younger, smoother, more refreshed look. This relaxation of muscle not only helps to make existing wrinkles smoother, but it lessens the movement in the face, preventing further line deepening and the formation of new wrinkles.
    Dysport® is a simple and quick outpatient procedure, allowing you to return to work or carry on with your day right after your appointment and results typically last 6 months. Like all injectables, you should always visit a certified plastic surgeon for the best and safest results.

    Dysport® has also been FDA approved for cervical dystonia or the treatment of severe neck pain or abnormal head position. Most likely, Dysport® will be approved for other uses, similar to those already approved for treatment with Botox®, but seeing as it is so new, further testing will have to be done to verify these claims.

    To find out which injectable will best fit your needs, schedule a consultation with Dr. David Whiteman.