The early 30’s usually bring many positive life changes to individuals:  growing into a career, earning a decent income from an enjoyable job, establishing a family, etc.  One life change that many people in their 30’s aren’t so crazy about is the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.  Decreased skin cell turnover and acquired sun damage can leave the skin of 30-somethings looking a little less dewy than it appeared during their 20’s.  Many of these people are pursuing minimally invasive cosmetic treatments like facial rejuvenation with cosmetic injectables and laser skin treatments to zap their problem areas before they become too pronounced.

Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. David Whiteman performs many of these surgeries at his Southern Plastic Surgery center in Duluth, GA.  The rise in these types of procedures has given way to the creative term “Botox® babies”- used to refer to the youthful adults pursuing versions of facial cosmetic surgery that only their parents and grandparents sought 15 years ago.   Botox® babies contribute a large portion of the cosmetic surgery industry’s profits.  In fact, according to the annual survey conducted by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), minimally invasive procedures like Botox®, Dysport®, Juvederm®, and Restylane®  were the only category of cosmetic surgery to enjoy increased profitability for cosmetic surgeons during the economic slump of recent years.

Dr. Whiteman’s facial cosmetic surgery results speak for themselves, but he also likes to remind patients that much of what their skin (and face) looks in their 30’s depends on how they take care of it in their teens and 20’s.  Focused on full-body health and wellness, Dr. Whiteman urges patients to regularly wear an SPF 30 sunscreen to prevent further sun damage, use an exfoliating cleanser to increase skin cell production, and eat a healthy diet (along with drinking plenty of water) to keep their faces looking younger longer.

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