Unless you’re a student or teacher, the days of spring break, summer, and winter vacations are long gone.  For many of us, finding the time to get everything checked off our to-list, on top of juggling the high demands of the holiday season, leave little to no free time.  So how do patients find the time to fit a plastic surgery procedure like breast augmentation AND recovery into a packed holiday season?  It’s very possible that you don’t realistically need as much time as you may think.  Here’s my take on breast augmentation recovery during the holidays and considerations you should take when planning your upcoming breast surgery procedure.

Breast Augmentation Recovery During the HolidaysSince most working individuals are not given extended time off for the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas time tend to be two top scheduling picks for patients as they already have time off from work.  When asked about how long it would take a patient to return to work after a breast augmentation, a week is what I have come to experience with a large majority of my breast augmentation patients.  Some are able to return to work within a few days while others may decide to extend their recovery to a full week or more following their procedure, if they’re able to so.  It really just depends on the type of work you do, your personal preference, and how your body feels post-surgery.

Week 1 of Recovery

After your breast procedure is over, you’ll be sent home the same day since aside from feeling stiff and sore on your chest, you’re able to walk around without needing any help immediately after your surgery.  There isn’t a need to monitor you overnight for this type of procedure, plus who doesn’t want to be in their own bed at the end of the night anyway?  The first 48 hours will be when the breasts are most sensitive and when patients will feel the most uncomfortable as they get used to more weight being carried on their chest.  Some patients come back to me saying they only used pain medication during the first few days, others will take medicine for precautionary use, and others have said they didn’t need it at all.  Each patient is different but the pain is manageable or at least can be managed with help.  I’ll want my patients to limit certain physical activities in the beginning, mostly those that can cause strain to the new breasts and chest muscles, like heavy lifting, aggressive pulling and pushing, mainly anything that causes the body to strain and experience any type of discomfort.  So having someone around to help you move around often (to reduce blood clotting) and simply be able to serve as an extension of your arms and legs especially when reaching and doing anything that could potentially overwork the healing body.

Weeks 2-3 of Recovery

You’re back at work and the swelling, stiffness, and soreness have started to subside.  Here is the time when your new breasts implants will settle into their new home.  You’ll have gone to your follow-up consultation to make sure everything is healing nicely and to talk about what’s next in your recovery.  Around week 2 is when we’ll evaluate your ability to resume light exercise with stretching.  For me, the follow up consultation time is when I go over an appropriate time to reintroduce exercise into a patient’s routine because again, we don’t want to stress the new breasts and chest muscle, so it’s not until a patient’s been given the “all clear” that they should start exercising again.  The main goal is to create the most natural-looking breasts so following all recovery recommendations set by your board-certified plastic surgeon and being vocal about any concerns you have for your healing is important to the success of your final breast augmentation results.

Weeks 4-6 of Recovery

By week four you’re back to full activity.  Some patients may take longer to recover, but these last few weeks mean you’re nearing the end of your general breast augmentation recovery.

Plastic surgery is all about timing.  It’s for a time when you feel mentally and physically ready to give yourself a gift of change.  It’s for a time when your work schedule gives you time to have your desired procedure and recover in a way that is best for your body.  Breast augmentation starts with a conversation with someone who has experience performing breast procedures and qualified to help you get the results you want.  Don’t hesitate to contact Southern Plastic Surgery to get your plastic surgery journey started; all it takes is an email or phone call!