Standing as the Spokesman and Medical Advisor of The Sport of Giving, Inc., Dr. David Whiteman has provided his community with effective breast cancer outreach and research. Having served as director and advisors to many breast cancer organizations, for over 20 years, Dr. Whiteman has showcased a vast amount of expertise in breast reconstruction and understands the toll that breast cancer has on a woman. With a strong emphasis on restoring the breasts in the most natural way possible, Dr. Whiteman ensures the best possible care and results for each and every one of his patients.

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day 2012After undergoing a mastectomy or lumpectomy following a diagnosis, a breast cancer survivor can be overcome by a lack of self-confidence. During consultation, Dr. Whiteman examines the skin, muscle, and residual breast tissue, and depending on the patient’s individual case and goals, Dr. Whiteman will create a personalized breast reconstruction treatment plan to provide the most natural outcome.

When performing the procedure, Dr. Whiteman examines the breast and additional areas where skin, tissue, and muscle can be relocated to restore the breasts if a flap reconstruction method is used. If the patient doesn’t have a suitable amount of tissue, Dr. Whiteman will insert a silicone or saline implant and tissue expanders, which are balloon-like devices inserted under the skin to progressively stretch the skin, may be utilized to allow space for the breast implant. To improve symmetry and form of the breasts, a breast lift or breast reduction may also be recommended. Dr. Whiteman’s overall goal is to exchange the patient’s breast tissue, skin, and the nipple-areolar that were removed during mastectomy to construct new breasts that look natural and fit the patient’s body accordingly.

Dr. Whiteman encourages the community to get involved with The Sport of Giving, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting women’s cancer care and prevention by providing awareness and support. Dr. Whiteman has also founded Life After the Fight, a business listing to promote professional aspirations of breast cancer survivors.

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