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There are a number of reality television shows out today that focus on the world of cosmetic plastic surgery – the good, the bad and the downright appalling.  Even though there may be a lot of Hollywood dramatic effect added to these shows, there is a semblance of truth behind what can happen to a person if for instance they have an underqualified surgeon, experience a rare complication or simply chose a procedure that produced cosmetic results that they weren’t happy with.  Whatever the motivation, breast revision surgery is the main procedure that patients consider to help them achieve the look they really want and deserve.  I’ve rounded up a few of the top questions I commonly hear regarding breast revision and wanted to share some insight into this common breast procedure.

breast revision surgery in atlanta gaQ: I had a breast augmentation from another doctor and I hate the way they look.  Does my previous doctor have to be the one to help me?
A: No, your previous doctor absolutely DOES NOT have to be the one to help you.  I see patients who received breast augmentations from other doctors; many have had them in for years and some not so long.  If you’re unhappy with the result due to an inexperienced doctor, I suggest considering another doctor as the initial breast augmentation results are probably the most accurate portrayal of that doctor’s skills.  Going back with a concern doesn’t necessarily mean they will be better the next time around.

Q: My current breast implant size is way too big and I want to take them out.  What will happen if I remove my breast implants and decide not to switch to a smaller size?
A: When I see breast revision patients we start by discussing your overall goals.  For patients that have previously had breast implants (whether silicone, saline or gummy bear implants) I like start by taking into consideration the patient’s overall physique.  The main goal of breast enhancement is to create a proportionate look in relation to a patient’s existing frame.  If a patient wants them out completely, then I would recommend considering a breast lift to remove excess tissue and reposition the breast in a more natural position that works better for their new, smaller size.  If you’re not opposed to reducing the size, I can perform breast revision by replacing the existing breast implants with a different type, size or shaped implant by utilizing existing scars to create an overall look that is better suited for them.

Q: One of my breast implants seems to be extremely hard when I touch it and looks very unnatural.  How can I fix this?
A: Whenever we introduce a foreign object into our body it has inherent risks (this goes for any medical procedures, not just cosmetic plastic surgery procedures).  When inserting a breast implant into the breasts, sometimes they can rupture or deflate, but in the case of feeling hard and unnatural it’s a condition we call capsule contracture.  The fibrous tissue lining around the breast starts to build up around the implant, making them feel hard and often causing a shift in position.  The way to remedy capsular contracture is to remove the existing scar tissue, breast implants and replace it to restore a softer look and feel.

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