Bridalplasty: New Reality Show Allows Brides-to-be to Compete for Plastic Surgery before their Big DayReality shows are commonly filled with contestants who have had plastic surgery or who have plastic surgery on the show, but a reality show that gives plastic surgery as a prize to the winner has yet to air, until now. E! Entertainment is planning to do just that. With the reality TV buzz on brides and weddings, E! has decided to combine a bridal show with plastic surgery, called Bridalplasty. Unlike the popular mommy makeover surgery, bridalplasty is for women who want to change/enhance their bodies before getting married.

The contestants for the show Bridalplasty are brides-to-be who are not completely satisfied with their bodies. Each contestant starts the show with a plastic surgery wish list. The competition entails the brides writing vows and making honeymoon and wedding plans. Each week, one bride wins a small cosmetic surgery, which she chooses from her wish list. The surgery is performed immediately, and results are shown the next week. The bride who wins the entire contest will be given a major plastic surgery procedure of her choice and her dream wedding. The winner’s wedding will be aired on E!, and just to make things more interesting the groom will not see his bride’s new look until she walks down the aisle.

While this show will be interesting and drama-filled, here at Southern Plastic Surgery, we hope it will also provide viewers with education on plastic surgery procedures. Popularity of cosmetic surgery before a wedding is rising. Brides tend to feel additional stress when preparing for a wedding, and they want to look their best for their big day. Cosmetic surgery before the wedding can provide the bride with the look she always wanted, and it will require her to rest and relax a little. Major procedures, such as breast augmentation, body contouring, and facial procedures require recovery time, so we suggest that patients plan their surgery in advance and allow plenty of recovery time. Southern Plastic Surgery also offers skin care products and laser hair removal that will guarantee you’ll look your best for your big day, and you won’t even have to pack a razor for the honeymoon. For more information on plastic surgery procedures or to schedule a consultation before your big day contact us, visit our website, and continue to read Dr. Whiteman’s blog.