Study Linking Younger Breast Cancer Patients to Stopping Treatment Early

A new study released by Columbia University reveals a connection between a patient’s age and the length of time they continue taking their breast cancer chemotherapy medications. The study shows that younger breast cancer patients appear more likely to stop taking their chemotherapy medications before the recommended time period has lapsed. Experts point to the fact that younger women may stop their medication as no outward signs of their illness persist after the first few years of treatment. There is also lifestyle issues associated with the study’s younger cohort:   including the fact that many younger women are also mothers of young children.  This fact often translates to a shift from patients focusing on their own health to focusing on the welfare of their children.

Dr. Whiteman stresses to patients that chemotherapy drugs, just like any other prescribed medication, should be taken as directed. Stopping medications too early can increase the risk of relapse, which can prove incredibly dangerous with such a serious illness.  Dr. Whiteman is a valued member of the breast cancer awareness community in Atlanta: co-founding the breast cancer survivors’ group Life After the Fight and serving as The Sport of Giving’s (an Atlanta-based cancer awareness non-profit) Medical Director.  Dr. Whiteman also devotes his surgical talents to breast cancer patients in performing breast reconstruction surgery for those patients who have lost breast(s) as a result of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

At Southern Plastic Surgery, Dr. Whiteman works with patients of all ages to formulate individual plans for breast reconstruction. Because every patient’s case is different, the utmost care and attention to detail is paid to ensure that health and well being remain intact throughout the cancer treatment, surgery, and healing processes.

If you are interested in breast reconstruction or have questions concerning breast cancer treatment, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We’d be happy to speak with you.

Dr. David Whiteman Helps Deserving Mother on TLC’s Ultimate Makeover

Tami Magby celebrated mother’s day in an exceptional way this year. Not only did she celebrate her wonderful 10 year-old-son, successfully juggling two jobs, and being a part-time student, but she also celebrated her new body. Tami was the recipient of plastic surgery by Dr. David Whiteman of Southern Plastic Surgery as well as free personal training session by personal trainer Daryl Madison of Lifestyle Fitness.

Tami’s journey, chronicled by TLC’s Ultimate Makeover, began when she saw a similar candidate on another episode of the show and “something clicked.” “I knew I owed it to myself to learn how to better care for my body,” declared Tami. Dr. Whiteman and Daryl Madison knew she deserved the ultimate makeover when she lost the prerequisite 15 pounds and quit smoking to prepare her body for liposuction and a tummy tuck and to aid in better healing.

During his initial consultation with Tami, Dr. Whiteman reiterated, “This is going to be a team effort. I know how to make your body look better, but it’s up to you to commit to exercising regularly and engaging in healthy living by not smoking to really see the kind of results you want in order to be satisfied.”

Dr. Whiteman, a long time proponent of total patient care was very thorough when it came to understanding Tami’s long-term goals and desired results, “Tami’s situation is very common amongst patients her age. They’re incredibly busy. Juggling children, family, and job can make you lose discipline when it comes to health. They go and go and go and tend to run out of steam when it comes to maintaining a regular exercise routine and a healthy weight with the changing metabolism that often emerges during a woman’s 30’s and 40’s.”

Dr. Whiteman’s expert surgical skill and Daryl’s inspirational fitness guidance combined with Tami’s determination to better her life paid off. The now svelte mother stood proudly in front of her family and friends at her big reveal party to show-off her new body.

“I am so thankful for what Dr. Whiteman, Daryl, and everyone from the show have done for me. I now look, and more importantly, feel good. I know I’ll be able to better do all the things I did before because I’m physically more able,” declared Tami during her Ultimate Makeover’s interview.

If you would like to see more of Tami’s story visit visit Dr. Whiteman’s You Tube channel to view her clips from the show. To learn more about Dr. Whiteman or the procedures he offers visit his website or call (770) 622-9100.

Diet, Exercise, and a Healthy Lifestyle are Vital to Any Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Dr. David Whiteman Launches Health & Wellness Section to Southern Plastic Surgery Website

In every consultation, Dr. Whiteman tells his patients that he will do his part in enhancing their appearance with a cosmetic surgery procedure, but is careful to remind his patients that it is of utmost importance that they do their part to maintain the results. For ALL patients, that means maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Especially for liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast reduction patients, keeping up with regular diet and exercise is the only way to maintain their results. But even cosmetic surgeries of the face, patients must maintain their health – such as quitting smoking – in order to facilitate healing.

Because plastic surgery and healthy lifestyles go hand-in-hand, Dr. Whiteman decided to launch a health and wellness section to The health and wellness section will provide patients with diet and exercise tips including: Common Diet Mistakes, Tips for Diet Success, Hidden Calories in Foods, Healthy Snacks, and a feature on how to correctly read food labels.

The health and wellness section will also contain a section of healthy, delicious, and low calorie recipes. All of the recipes have been personally made and approved by members of the Southern Plastic Surgery staff.

Dr. Whiteman hopes that, with the help of the health and wellness section of his website, that all his patients will make strides towards healthy, fit lifestyles to keep them looking and feeling their best!