Custom Surgery- The Adaptability of Mommy Makeover Surgery

As a fresh school year begins, all parents hope that their children will have teachers who can commit to paying an adequate amount of time and attention to their child’s individual educational and developmental needs.  As a plastic surgeon, Dr. David Whiteman of Southern Plastic Surgery recognizes this same need in parents (and patients): the need for individual care and a customizable treatment plan.

This is why, with every surgery; Dr. Whiteman emphasizes the variable nature of combination cosmetic procedures like mommy makeover surgery.  As described in a previous blog post, Dr. Whiteman performs mommy makeover surgery to remedy the effects of pregnancy and child birth on a woman’s body.
Every woman’s body responds differently to pregnancy: some women experience significant weight gain, some are more reactive to the hormone fluctuation and experience more breast changes, and some have very limited physical changes from pregnancy.  Every woman also has a different opinion about her desired aesthetic result.  The best cosmetic surgery is one that is performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who is able to clearly understand your surgical expectations and work with you individually to formulate a plan for surgery and after-care to optimize your results.

If you’re a mom who is ready to let yourself look as good as your kids do going back to school this year, contact Dr. Whiteman’s office to schedule a consultation for mommy makeover surgery or review his website and blog for additional information.

Discovery of Plant-based Collagen Source May Increase Cosmetic Procedure’s Popularity

Exemplified by our previous blog posts and specials on the subject of dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables, Dr. David Whiteman has seen recent, exponential growth in facial rejuvenation patients.   Injections of the hyaluronic acid based Restylane®, Juvederm®, or Perlane® products work to revitalize the body’s collagen production abilities and fill facial depressions, like wrinkles and scars, to make you look younger.  These fillers were developed as an alternative to collagen injections, (derived from human and animal sources) which fell out of favor because of their high cost, allergic reactions and, to some, ethically questionable sources.
Earlier this month, scientists and researchers out of Hebrew University in Jerusalem replicated human collagen from standard tobacco plants which could signal the beginning of resurgence in collagen’s popularity. As described above, collagen is a complex protein found naturally in the human body’s connective tissues that gives skins a plumped, youthful appearance.  Just as with the skin’s moisture and skin elasticity, the amount of collagen in one’s skin decreases with age.
Now that collagen can be produced from such an abundant, noncontroversial source, cosmetic surgeons all over the world have begun to realize its potential including the plant-based material’s ability to reduce wrinkles and patch up scars . The technology is already being marketed in Japan, Europe, and Israel.   American-based cosmetic treatment manufacturers project that this discovery, along with the price decrease the plant-collagen’s ease of production is likely to bring, will only boost the treatments frequency.
Dr. Whiteman is hopeful about this news, and at Southern Plastic Surgery, we look forward to a rise in collagen injection procedures. Southern Plastic Surgery offers a wide array of facial rejuvenation procedures and will expand our menu as this technology continues to advance.
To learn more about the facial rejuvenation packages and non-surgical skin care packages available through Southern Plastic Surgery contact our office, visit our website, or join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Cinderella Procedures: Botox Now Used to Stamp Out Excess Foot Sweating

Southern Plastic Surgery’s Dr. David Whiteman was recognized by Allergan, the makers of the increasingly popular dermal injectable Botox®, as a Platinum Injector in the fall of 2009.  Whiteman’s extensive experience administering the product garnered him the accolade and has also allowed him to further explore the added benefits of the product, beside wrinkle-reducing muscle relaxation, like migraine headache relief, and now, reducing foot sweating.

According to a recently published article in The NewYork Daily Post citing an interview from The Wall Street Journal in which an aesthetic foot surgeon details injecting Botox® into patients’ feet to minimize the amount of sweating and subsequent growth of bacteria contributing to many patients’ foot faux pas. The injections are a new procedure added to the recently coined, and aptly named, niche of cosmetic foot surgeries dubbed “Cinderella procedures.”

Botox® and similar competitor Dysport® work to temporarily (results typically lasting 4-6 months) block the nerve signals from the muscle into which they are injected.  Originally, Botox® and Dysport® were developed as a way for patients to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles around the eyes (periocular) and mouth (frown lines) contributing to an aged appearance.  According to the published interviews, the injectables work similarly to temporarily block the nerve signals that cause patients’ underarms and feet to sweat when injected into the respective regions.

Dr. Whiteman carefully reminds patients that injectables are only a temporary fix for these issues and that ,because they are not the specifically intended use of the products, they should be approached with  due caution.  Additionally, patients should ensure that their prospective physician is properly trained to perform the injections (consulting only a board certified plastic surgeon is usually a good way to make sure of this.)

If you’re interested in learning more about the uses of cosmetic injectables or the other cosmetic surgery procedures Dr. Whiteman performs contact his office.