Mommy Makeover Redesigned: Can Tummy Tuck and Hysterectomy be Safely Combined?

Some plastic surgery procedures can be combined for reduced recovery times, shorter hospital stays, and decreased anesthesia risks. Dr. David Whiteman will perform multiple plastic surgery procedures at once as long as the patient is healthy and the combined procedures pose no additional surgical risks. The most common combination of procedures is mommy makeover surgery, which typically includes liposuction, tummy tuck, and cosmetic breast surgery. However, an article recently released by US News & World Report discusses the safety of a new type of mommy makeover surgery: tummy tuck combined with hysterectomy.

Hysterectomy is performed by surgically removing a woman’s uterus, usually through an incision in the abdomen or a few tiny incisions in the abdomen using a device called a laparoscope. Also performed via an incision in the abdomen, tummy tuck surgery is designed to help flatten the tummy. During the procedure, excess abdominal tissue is excised, underlying muscles are tightened, and remaining skin is stretched downward. Although these procedures sound like a perfect match due to the location of incisions, it is important to evaluate the possible risks associated with the combined procedures to ensure patient safety.

The article detailed a study by researchers at the Florida International University in Hialeah. By evaluating 65 women who received both procedures simultaneously, the researchers concluded that the combination was relatively safe with only 32% of patients experiencing minor complications. Although complications can arise with any type of surgery, some surgeons believe this surgical combination should be reevaluated. Patients who pursue this type of procedure should be in good health overall, and the procedure should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who is working alongside a board certified gynecologic surgeon, both having experience performing these procedures together.

Like mommy makeover surgery, this type of combination can be very beneficial to patients who are good candidates. Possible benefits include reduced recover time, shortened hospital stay, and reduced anesthesia risks. Additionally, having both procedures at once could potentially save patients some money instead of paying hospital and anesthesia fees twice for two different procedures.

Before pursuing any type of plastic surgery, it’s important to do your research and find a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience performing the procedure you’re interested in. Visit Dr. Whiteman’s website to learn more about the cosmetic and reconstructive procedures he performs or schedule a consultation today for more information on a specific procedure. Be sure to also find Dr. Whiteman on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for plastic surgery news and health and wellness updates.

Avoid Plastic Surgery Complications with Qualified Providers

Although the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery predicted more patients would do their research when pursuing plastic surgery to avoid substandard plastic surgery results in 2012, recent news shows many patients are still searching for good deals rather than qualified surgeons. These recent stories about buttock enhancement with tire sealant, breast augmentation performed in hair salons, and illegal “pumping parties” are scary and can cause life-threatening side effects. They are also easy to avoid. Dr. David Whiteman uses his blog and social media outlets to educate patients seeking cosmetic surgery.

According to CBS News, a woman was arrested in Texas for performing illegal breast augmentation with an unidentified substance in her hair salon after one of her “patients” went into critical condition. In Philadelphia, another woman was arrested for illegal “pumping parties” after a patient who received injections for buttock augmentation was hospitalized when the injected substance traveled into her bloodstream and lungs, according to an article from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The Philadelphia woman was found with needles, Super Glue, cotton balls, paper towels, and a 20-ounce water bottle filled with an unidentified substance that was most likely used for injections. CBS News also reported that the Florida woman who was arrested last November for injecting toxic substances like glue and fix-a-flat to perform buttock enhancement is now facing charges after turning herself into the police in March. She will face charges for practicing medicine without a license and for seriously injuring patients due to unlicensed medical practice.

These stories are scary, but avoidable. The victims in these cases were more concerned with the price of plastic surgery than finding a qualified board certified plastic surgeon. Many factors determine the cost of plastic surgery, including the price of the particular procedure, hospital fees, anesthesiologist fees, etc. If the price for plastic surgery seems too deeply discounted, it probably is. Many plastic surgeons offer financing options like CareCredit® to help patients afford plastic surgery and avoid treatment by someone who is inexperienced and unlicensed.

Not only it is important for patients to choose an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, but it is also important for them to feel comfortable and be able to trust their plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon should listen to your needs and help you choose a procedure that will allow you to best meet those needs while keeping your desired results in mind. If you ever feel uncomfortable during a consultation, know you can walk away.

Last but not least, never let someone, even if they can prove they’re a board certified plastic surgeon, inject you with an unknown substance. Even if you are being injected with well-known substances like Botox® or Restylane®, make sure your provider is really using these FDA approved products properly. For example, Botox® and Dysport® are used to relax muscles on the forehead and between the eyes that cause wrinkles although there are many popular off-label uses. Do your research before your consultation.

Dr. Whiteman encourages plastic surgery patients to do their research before surgery and makes the research process easier through all of the information provided on his website. Visit his website to learn more about a particular procedure or schedule a consultation at Southern Plastic Surgery for even more information specific to your needs. If you haven’t already, connect with Dr. Whiteman on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for plastic surgery news and updates.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Urges Patients to Research Traditional Tummy Tuck Surgery When Exploring Fat Reduction Options

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Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta on Surgical Options for Body Contouring

Atlanta tummy tuck surgeon Dr. David Whiteman compares results of traditional plastic surgery procedures with new, non-invasive fat reduction technology.

Performing the tummy tuck procedure since 1993, double board certified Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. David Whiteman analyzes and incorporates the latest, most beneficial plastic surgery trends to ensure that his patients receive the best possible cosmetic results while minimizing the risk of surgical complications. Therefore, Dr. Whiteman urges his patients to carefully research their candidacy for a prospective fat reduction procedure.

Whiteman shares, “Non-surgical fat reduction is the most talked about plastic surgery trend so far in 2012; however, many patients who ask about the procedures are actually better suited for excess skin removal and muscle tightening involved with a traditional tummy tuck surgery.”

A common component of a mommy makeover, along with breast surgery and body sculpting, the tummy tuck removes excess abdominal fat while also excising extra skin often stretched by pregnancy or extreme weight loss. Dr. Whiteman continues, “the tummy tuck is also an effective way to narrow a patient’s waist and reattach muscle that can become lax with a baby’s growth or dramatic weight fluctuation; whereas, non-surgical fat reduction is really only suitable for eliminating very small, very isolated areas of excess fat.”

Technology like CoolSculpting® fat reduction uses external application of extreme temperatures to break down fat cells, which the body then gradually eliminates. Similarly, Dr. Whiteman uses the melting power of laser liposuction to facilitate fat removal during liposuction along with post-surgical, topical skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatments like Viora Reaction™ or Endermologie® to maximize patients’ results. He urges patients to thoroughly research plastic surgery technology through credible outlets when contemplating a body contouring or liposuction procedure.

The flexibility of tummy tuck surgery is evidenced by its diverse patient base. In addition to mommy makeover patients, Dr. Whiteman also uses the body contouring procedure to remove excess skin and fat after massive weight loss, known as post-bariatric surgery. Additionally, Whiteman updates his Atlanta plastic surgery practice’s blog regularly with articles to educate patients of the newest procedures available.

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