No matter how appealing a surgery that claims to be scarless sounds, it’s a mirage. With any surgical procedure, doesn’t even have to be cosmetic surgery, there is no such thing as a procedure that won’t leave behind some type of scar – so err on the side of caution if you’re being convinced otherwise. Before you abandon all hope for your breast enhancement dreams out of concern for not wanting scars, there’s good news: there are ways to not only shrink those scars but also maximize the surgical outcome for the better.

Do Scarless Breast Enhancement Procedures ExistThe best way to start honing in on how to make the most of your breast enhancement results is to start by choosing a top surgeon to help you get there. Not all plastic surgeons are board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and only those that have proven their area of expertise and upheld a commitment to patient safety and satisfaction are recognized by the board as a trusted plastic surgeon. Without the ASPS stamp of certification, you’re taking a risk with your results. Great experience requires a combination of skill and technique – two very important things we believe are needed to help patients have a successful breast procedure. The key to minimally-visible scars is knowing how to strategically hide them within natural creases of the body and having years of experience with breast patients. A facial specialist may not be able to produce the same results as a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 22 years of breast surgery experience, but in the same respects, one breast doctor may not have the same expertise to give their patients results that are most beneficial for them in the long run.

Going beyond the role of the surgeon, the next way to help scar management efforts is by doing your part as the patient – before and after surgery. It doesn’t matter if you’re having breast augmentation, breast lift, or even male breast reduction, if you’re a smoker you have to kick that habit several weeks before and after your procedure. Smoking slows down your body’s ability to recover quickly and greatly reduces much needed blood flow that will give you the energy to get you up and moving and on the way to healing positively. When you leave our care, we send you home with all of the post-surgical instructions needed to promote healthy healing for your breast surgery results. From self-care instructions that start at home – like not overdoing physical activity that can stretch your incisions – to sun smart after-care tips (sun exposure can cause pigmentation concerns), and even recommended skincare treatments. We just like to make sure all of our Southern Plastic Surgery (SPS) patients are well-equipped from start to finish.

Our breast surgery patients like to ask if there’s more they can do during their recovery to make their results better. The best course of action our breast patients have found most beneficial was to tailor nonsurgical skincare treatments within their breast surgery plan. Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center is Southern Plastic’s premier laser and skincare center that was opened in 1999 to give patients access to both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. We provide patients with the latest and most effective treatments to complement each procedure we perform because we believe surgery doesn’t just end once you’re sent home after your procedure. Patients have the option of adding a body package to their breast surgery plan and the hand-tailored treatments specifically help tone and smooth the skin, help minimize scarring even further, and speed up the overall healing process.

Successful breast surgery depends on research, being educated on all facets of your procedure, having a proactive attitude, being realistic about your results, and sticking to being committed to attending all follow-up consultations/following post-surgery instructions that are given to you. We want you to be thrilled with your results and focus on having a safe and speedy recovery. If breast procedures are something that you’ve been considering but are perhaps apprehensive of scars, stop by SPS for a complimentary breast enhancement consultation and we can help guide you through our process and answer any questions you may have. We’d love the opportunity to help you make a sound decision on your personal goals and needs and look forward to having the chance to make you plastic surgery dreams come true.