Dr. Oz’s Tips on Eating Fruit the Right WayWe have all heard sayings such as, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” and other friendly reminders about how including fruits in our diet is good for our health. But did you know there is a right and wrong way to eat fruit? With the help of the popular television personality Dr. Oz, Southern Plastic Surgery has compiled some tips about how to properly include fruit into your diet:

  • Only eat fruit on an empty stomach! You sometimes hear people complain that they cannot eat fruit because it causes them to bloat, have gas, or feel like they have to go to the bathroom. The real reason for this is that the food you eat before eating your fruit, ferments in your stomach and turns to acid. Once fruit comes in contact with the acid, it causes gas and bloating and prevents the fruit from being quickly digested; robbing it of the nutrients and health benefits it has to offer.
  • Know the right way to drink fruit. Make sure it is fresh juice and not from concentrate and avoid drinking juice that has been heated. And remember, even though fruit juice does have its benefits, the best way get the full vitamins and nutrients from fruit is to eat it whole!
  • Avoid cooked fruit. Once you cook a fruit, you rob it of the valuable vitamins and all you are left with is the taste.
  • Know the right types of fruit to eat.
    • Apples: Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, apples help to lower the risk of colon cancer, stroke, and heart attack.
    • Strawberries: Fruit with the most powerful antioxidants, protecting you from free radicals, blood clots, and some types of cancer.
    • Kiwi: With twice the amount of vitamin C that an orange has, kiwi is also a great source of vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and fiber.
    • Papaya: Has one of the highest vitamin C contents; Also rich in carotene which improves eye health.
    • Watermelon: Contains glutathione which boosts the immune system, vitamin C and potassium. Also has lycopene (also found in tomatoes) which helps protect against cancer.
  • Be aware of the benefits of fruit and take advantage! Fruits can detoxify your body while simultaneously providing you with the energy needed for everything from day-to-day activities to strenuous exercise.

For more information about diet and exercise tips and healthy recipes, visit the health and wellness section of our website. As always, feel free to contact Dr. Whiteman’s office if you have any questions are wish to schedule a consultation.