Dr. David Whiteman and his staff strive to create a relaxed atmosphere for Southern Plastic Surgery’s patients.  He realizes the importance of making hispatients feel at ease, and encourages them to openly discuss their expectations in order to deliver to them the best results possible.  Since 1993, Dr. Whiteman and the Southern Plastic Surgery team have maintained discretion and professionalism as their top priorities.

Dr. Whiteman is double board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  Utilizing his experience with massive weight loss surgery and body contouring (liposuction), Dr. Whiteman launched a health and wellness section on his blog– a forum where his patients regularly post healthy recipes and exercise tips to facilitate surgical recovery and long-term health.

In addition to cosmetic breast and body procedures, Dr. Whiteman studied the advanced techniques of breast reconstruction during his Georgetown fellowship, motivating his enthusiasm in helping breast cancer patients for the last 17 years.  He is currently involved with several breast and women’s cancer initiatives, including the national non-profit group The Sport of Giving and local group Life After the Fight.

Acting as medical director for The Sport of Giving (TSOG), Dr. Whiteman has helped raise more than $1.2 million for area cancer treatment and prevention facilities.  Recently, TSOG expanded its efforts nationally to help volunteers outside Georgia organize cancer fundraising events for centers in their communities.

Dr. Whiteman has furthered his volunteer efforts by founding Life After the Fight: an interactive business directory for breast cancer survivors who, through their fight, have decided to pursue careers that make them truly happy.

For more information on the cosmetic and reconstructive procedures available at Southern Plastic Surgery, health and wellness information, or how you can become a part of The Sport of Giving or Life After the Fight, visit www.southernplasticsurgery.com.