Ortho Dermatologics recently announced FDA approval of the new labeling for EVOLENCE® – the very first facial filler who can rightfully claim results lasting through a year. While EVOLENCE® has been in the United States since 2008, the previous label was only approved to say “results lasting up to 6 months.” Further testing however, has lead the FDA to approve the new label; thus recognizing the validity of the claim that it can correct moderate to deep lines and wrinkles through 12 months.

Wrinkles and folds are caused by the gradual depletion of collagen in the face, a process that is sped up by things like smoking, too much sun, or even unlucky genes. Like its facial filler competitors, EVOLENCE® works by replacing this lost volume and “filling” in those lines and folds that make your face look old, tired, and weathered. EVOLENCE® uses an all-natural filler made of collagen that closely mimics the collagen found in your skin – giving you a smoother, more natural look when injected into the problem areas of the face. It is important to remember, however that you can achieve the safest and best results when you get injections by a board certified plastic surgeon.

EVOLENCE® is actually relatively new to the US market compared to other parts of the world – Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Israel, South Korea, and Russia have all been using this filler since 2004/2005. But with results lasting longer than any other product of its kind on the market, EVOLENCE® can be expected to gain quick popularity for those looking for a longer lasting wrinkle fix.

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