Delivering great and long-lasting plastic surgery results is always our goal here at Southern Plastic Surgery. But with that said, we pride ourselves on providing more than just terrific results. From the moment that a patient steps into our office, our goal is to create an environment that is welcoming, professional, and comforting for everyone. And this begins with our incredible medical team, including an expert board-certified plastic surgeon and caring providers like our long-time Medical Assistant, Beth Persinger.

Beth Persinger has been with Southern Plastic Surgery for over 23 years now. In her role as Medical Assistant, Beth is an integral part of helping every patient have the best-possible and most fully-personalized plastic surgery experience possible. This means being part of each plastic surgery consultation, helping patients get better acquainted and more comfortable with all of their surgical options, as well as being there every step of the way after their surgery.

In the video below, watch Beth discuss her role at SPS, the joy she gets out of assisting our patients with their aesthetic needs, and working with our practice founder, Dr. David Whiteman:

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