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The holiday season is a great time to reflect on the year we have had and to show greater appreciation for those that have played an integral part in making it so successful. That’s why myself, Dr. David Whiteman, and the entire Southern Plastic Surgery, P.C. (SPS) team would like to thank of you, our wonderful patients, for your continued support and help in making 2015 a prosperous and memorable year!

Happy Holidays from Dr. David Whiteman!When I first launched the Atlanta Breast website back in 2013, I really wanted it to highlight the cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures that I have been performing the last 22 years I’ve been in practice. My hope was that it would serve as a helpful additional resource for any person who was interested in breast surgery and looking for a handy tool that provided news and educational topics on all things breast-related. We’ve covered a wide range of breast topics including advancements in breast reconstruction techniques, how to choose the best breast implant, health benefits related to female and male breast reduction procedures, improvements in cosmetic breast surgery and so much more.

As we look ahead to 2016 we want to continue to be a useful resource to all of you and keep you updated on things we find important in helping us to improve your safety and overall satisfaction with your breast surgery results. We have enjoyed a great year with all of you and are very fortunate to share what we love the most – providing exceptional care and extending the Southern Plastic Surgery family. The SPS team looks forward to the start of the New Year and is excited to see what awaits us because we can’t imagine a better group of people to share additional great memories with in the future.  From all of us at SPS, we wish you and your family a very happy holiday!