Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Importance of Weight Management

As a society, our battle with obesity rates has been a hot topic of conversation and while there have been many initiatives put into place to encourage all of us to get active and be more mindful of the food and beverages we consume, for many weight management can be difficult.  An increasing trend among […]


A Healthy Breakfast Recipe for the New Year

During the rest of the year it’s nearly impossible to get the whole family together for breakfast; but during the holidays, big, unhealthy breakfasts become a tradition.  With a focus on health and wellness this season, give your family the festive breakfast they want with fewer calories and less fat. I’ve made it a goal […]


Stay in Shape This Holiday Season

The holidays are for spending time with family, shopping for gifts, attending holiday parties, and indulging in your favorite foods.  As most people find this time of year to be the busiest, we often struggle to pay a visit to the gym. It’s important to not let your jam-packed schedule hinder you from reaching your […]


Eat This, Not That: How Your Diet Impacts Your Plastic Surgery Results

For individuals interested in a plastic surgery procedure, maintaining a proper diet and exercise regimen can help enhance results and reduce recovery time. I will continue to do my part to meet your desired aesthetic goals, but I also place the utmost importance that you do your part to preserve your plastic surgery results. Providing […]


How Your Physical & Mental Health Impacts Your Plastic Surgery Results

When it comes to plastic surgery, both your physical and mental health plays a very significant role when it comes to the overall outcome of your procedure(s). There are many factors such as fatigue, anxiety, stress, eating habits, and exercise which all play a part in achieving desired plastic surgery results. There is however necessary pre […]

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