dysport_logo-2For years Botox® Cosmetic had somewhat of a monopoly on the cosmetic injectable market; but the introduction of Dysport® has shaken things up a bit.

Introduced by the pharmaceutical company Medicis (the makers of Restylane® ), Dysport® removes and corrects wrinkles similar to the way that Botox® does; that is, by injection of a highly purified protein that serves to relax the muscles in the face, leaving you with a younger, smoother, more refreshed look. This relaxation of muscle not only helps to make existing wrinkles smoother, but it lessens the movement in the face, preventing further line deepening and the formation of new wrinkles.
Dysport® is a simple and quick outpatient procedure, allowing you to return to work or carry on with your day right after your appointment and results typically last 6 months. Like all injectables, you should always visit a certified plastic surgeon for the best and safest results.

Dysport® has also been FDA approved for cervical dystonia or the treatment of severe neck pain or abnormal head position. Most likely, Dysport® will be approved for other uses, similar to those already approved for treatment with Botox®, but seeing as it is so new, further testing will have to be done to verify these claims.

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