Cosmetic surgery can be an amazing way to rejuvenate your appearance and treat any number of aesthetic imperfections. Unfortunately, things like work, school, parenting, and other factors can make plastic surgery recovery difficult for some people. Not every patient has the downtime required to fully recover following certain plastic surgery procedures. That’s why I have always tried to provide in-office procedure options for patients who wish to cut down on recovery time without sacrificing quality.  

What does it mean for a procedure to be “in-office”? In short, in-office procedures can be safely performed in our office instead of a hospital or surgery center. They are typically more minor in nature and require less time for recovery. My experienced staff and I have considerable experience performing a wide variety of in-office procedures ranging from cosmetic surgery to non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Common in-office surgical procedures that I perform include liposuction and eyelid surgery. Liposuction to certain areas like the chin and neck can be a great way to help create a trimmer, more youthful appearance. Eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty) is an excellent rejuvenating surgical procedure that can also be performed in-office. During eyelid surgery, I remove excess skin and pockets of fat from the eyelids to refresh a patient’s face and treat “tired eyes”. Eyelid surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids, depending on the specific needs of the patient. In the video below, I discuss how in-office procedures like eyelid surgery can help patients achieve a more refreshed, younger-looking appearance.

I work hard to make cosmetic surgery an inclusive process so that even those with more hectic schedules can enjoy the outstanding benefits these procedures can provide. If you would like to learn more about in-office procedures or any other cosmetic surgery, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery today. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ for more tips, photos, news and more from the world of plastic surgery.