Here at Southern Plastic Surgery, I fully understand that patients like having options. No two patients are exactly the same and in my experience, the more choices that someone has to address a certain aesthetic concern, the more likely it is that they will find precisely what they are looking for. In the case of fat reduction procedures, I achieve this by offering my patients both cosmetic surgery and certain highly effective nonsurgical alternatives. Below I discuss my different approaches to fat removal and how they can help my patients.

Liposuction surgery is a form of body contouring surgery, where small pockets of fat can be removed from areas all over the body such as the abdomen, arms, or double chin. Highly effective, trusted, and versatile, liposuction is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women each year. During the procedure, a thin tube known as a cannula is inserted underneath the skin to loosen fat cells in the treatment area. Once the cells are loosed, I am able to safely suction out the fat deposits using a medical vacuum.

Popular as it may be, liposuction may not be the right choice for every patient. This is why I also offer nonsurgical fat removal with SculpSure®. SculpSure® treatments work by applying flat plates to the treatment area that send controlled heat deep below the skin’s surface. The plates used during treatment are customizable depending on each patient and the specific areas being treated. Unlike liposuction, multiple treatment sessions will likely be required to achieve the ideal level of fat reduction. Another difference that patients love is that SculpSure® treatments require no downtime for recovery.

In the video below, I discuss both liposuction surgery and nonsurgical fat removal with SculpSure® to help prospective patients better understand their options:

When choosing between surgical and nonsurgical treatment alternatives, there is no “best” option. Only whatever is most right and helpful for every patient’s unique needs. For more information or to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation, contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery. Don’t forget to follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for additional plastic surgery videos, news, practice updates, and much more.