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Pre-surgery anxiety is incredibly common. It is only natural to feel a bit uneasy before your cosmetic breast surgery. While I can’t tell my patients not to feel anxious prior to their procedure, I do think it’s important for patients to do whatever they can to best manage their fears and anxieties so they do not become overwhelmed.

How to Rid Yourself of Pre-Surgery Anxiety

There is no one specific cause for anxiety before cosmetic surgery. Some people hate hospitals, others may be intimidated by the procedure itself or being put under anesthesia. For some patients, anxiety is just a natural occurrence even when they are not prepping for surgery. Despite what may be causing your trepidation, there are many things patients can do to help themselves relax prior to their procedure. With this in mind, I am sharing some personal advice from my years of experience on how patients can best deal with their pre-surgery jitters.

Find a Surgeon You Trust

This is the biggest step towards calming common fears before surgery in my opinion. While you may feel like you have no control during your procedure, putting yourself in the hands of a professional and experienced board-certified surgeon (like yours truly) that you trust can go a long way towards putting your mind at ease. So find a surgeon who you like, who is board-certified and who has a track record of success performing your specific procedure.

Do Your Research

Making some time to research your surgery in the lead-up to your procedure can also help quell the nerves. For some patients, knowing the specifics can make them feel more in-control and optimistic about the outcome of their procedure. Research also can provide valuable tips on useful recovery techniques, which can also help keep your stress down. Research is one of the vital components of my cosmetic surgery checklist.

Find Relaxation Techniques

Practice certain behaviors in the weeks before your procedure that can assist in reducing your anxiety and aid your body’s ability to heal itself. Breathing exercises or meditation can be of great use. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help clear your mind and build endurance for your recovery. Writing in a journal, reading a book, or anything else that can help keep you busy and take your mind off your procedure is highly recommended for any patient with anxiety.

Anxiety can make the lead-up to your cosmetic procedure needlessly challenging and worrisome. So take a deep breath and make sure to put in the time in advance to make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon and procedure to ensure smooth sailing and the best possible results from your cosmetic breast surgery. Also make sure to attend all of your post-operation appointments to make sure you are healing and recovering as you should be. To schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation today, please contact Dr. David Whiteman at Southern Plastic Surgery. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ for more news, photos, and plastic surgery tips.