Colder months innately encourage many of us to retreat into hibernation mode where we bundle ourselves up inside and avoid the wintery weather at all costs.  Our motivation to exercise tends to decrease and often we find ourselves scrambling to get back into the gym once spring arrives.  But for some patients in particular, large breasts (yes, both large-breasted men and women) are a big concern keeping them from staying physically fit.

breast-revision-surgeryOverly large breasts can cause both physical and emotional concerns.  From inhibiting physical ability, causing back and shoulder pain to creating self-image insecurities, there are a number of reasons patients consider plastic surgery procedures to improve their overall wellbeing.   At Southern Plastic Surgery, I perform breast reduction surgery on male and female patients with the goal of creating more proportionate breasts that better suit each patient and their active lifestyle.  During breast reduction surgery, an incision is made under the breast and excess skin and tissue is removed.  With the remaining breast tissue, I am able to lift, tighten and reposition the breasts to a size that best matches your body’s frame.

A healthy body starts with maintaining a proper exercise and diet regimen and since breast reduction surgery literally takes a seemingly large weight off of a patient’s chest, it’s now your time to engage in more physical activity.  Not saying that you have to enter your first marathon a month after your procedure, but staying active doesn’t necessarily require hitting the gym every single day of the week.  You can improve overall health by reducing your stress, eating a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, and antioxidants or even enjoying brisk walks.  Whatever activity you choose, try something that you find fun and less of a mundane, mandatory chore.  Patients also find that slowly incorporating healthier routines into their schedules maintains and improves their breast reduction results.

I’ve always held a special regard for promoting healthy living among all of my patients beyond the walls of Southern Plastic Surgery.  Getting the motivation can be difficult but you already took the first steps in improving your health by having a breast reduction, so you’re already well on your way, congratulations!  If you’re not sure where to go next, start with Jackie Madison, our in-house NESTA Weight Management Specialist.  Our Lifestyle & Weight Management program helps men and women of all ages achieve weight loss and weight management goals through committing to adopting effective eating habits, actively participating in regular exercise, managing time and stress and being more cognitive of keeping yourself as happy and healthy as you can.

If you’re interested in breast reduction, improving your overall health or any other breast procedure, please contact Southern Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation.  Stay connected with me, Dr. David Whiteman, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more plastic and reconstructive surgery news and information.