Keller Funnel™ Facilitates Breast Enhancement SurgeryWhile breast augmentation is a common cosmetic procedure, there are several things to consider before pursuing breast enhancement surgery. While patients must think about factors like breast implant size, shape, texture, and type, a plastic surgeon must consider breast implant placement (above or below the pectoral muscle) and the type of incision to use. Breast implants come in all different sizes (volume), shapes (anatomic or round), consistency (smooth or textured), and are filled with saline or silicone.

Silicone breast implants consist of a silicone shell filled with a viscous silicone gel, while saline breast implants are surrounded with a strong silicone elastomer shell filled with a predetermined amount of sterile saline solution. One type of breast implant is not better than the other; the decision is solely based on patient preference. However, the type of incision a plastic surgeon uses is based on the size and type of breast implant used. The larger the implant is, the larger the incision must be. Saline implants, however, may be filled after they are inserted into the breast cavity; traditionally minimizing the incision size required (reducing the size of scars). But now, new technology has made it possible to also shorten the incisions used during silicone breast enhancement.

The Keller Funnel™ was designed by Dr. Kevin Keller, a plastic surgeon from South Carolina, to facilitate the placement of silicone breast implants during breast augmentation. Manufactured with materials that pass stringent biocompatibility tests mandated with tissue and blood contracting devices, the Keller Funnel™ can be used with smooth or textured breast implants up to 800 cc’s in volume. Just like a funnel makes it easier to pour liquid into a small opening, the Keller Funnel™ eases the transition of a breast implant into the body through a small incision. The device is designed for one-time-use only. Besides requiring smaller incisions, the Keller Funnel™ also potentially decreases the chance of complications like capsule contracture and even infection. In fact, the implant can go straight from its original packaging into the Keller Funnel™ and then into the patient’s breast without ever being touched by the surgeon.

Ethnic patients who are more likely to develop keloid scars or hypertrophic scars may benefit from using this device during their breast augmentation procedure as it alleviates stress on the incision as well as the implant itself; resulting in less trauma to the surrounding tissue. Patients whose surgeons used the Keller Funnel™ reported a faster recovery. It can be used successfully in any type of breast augmentation procedure: pectoral, transaxial, periareolar, and mammary fold procedures.

Dr. David Whiteman is certified to use the Keller Funnel™, so if you are considering breast augmentation surgery, be sure to ask about it during your plastic surgery consultation. To learn more about the other breast procedures, facial plastic surgery, or cosmetic body procedures Dr. Whiteman performs, take a look at his website. Be sure to also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.