Life After the Fight

A Breast Cancer Survivors Business DirectoryMission Statement: Life After the Fight is committed to supporting and promoting the professional ventures of breast cancer survivors.


When a woman goes through a battle with breast cancer, she is changed forever. For many women facing cancer gives them a whole new outlook on life, causing them to reevaluate their goals to make everyday and every moment count. While there are many support groups and organizations to help women through the emotional and physical toll breast cancer can take on a person, there are a limited number of these forums for survivors focusing on their lives after the fight.

After years of experience with breast reconstruction patients, Dr. Whiteman noticed that many women’s breast cancer journeys became a catalyst for them to reevaluate their professional lives and start careers and businesses that truly made them happy. For one patient that meant opening a yoga studio, for another, a florist shop, and for another that meant getting her travel agent license. Searching for a way to connect these professional women with each other and with the Atlanta community, Life After the Fight was born.

Life After the Fight is an interactive business directory for breast cancer survivors in the professional world, through the forum of Facebook and the web. Any breast cancer survivor/patient, woman or man, can submit their business or service to be part of the Life After the Fight Facebook page and webpage directory listing – providing local people with a worthy business resource.

The Life After the Fight page on Facebook provides an interactive forum for business listings, survivors’ news and updates, and discussions. A corresponding Life After the Fight webpage provides an organized list of businesses categorized by type of service.

If you are a breast cancer survivor, or would like to submit a business on behalf of a survivor, you can either post your business information on the Life After the Fight Facebook page wall or submit the following information via email to

  • Name of your business/service
  • A short description of your services
  • Business phone number, email, and website

*Businesses submitted both via Facebook and email will be included on this Life After the Fight directory webpage.

*Business submissions are based on the honor system, please respect the fact that Life After the Fight is meant to provide information and support solely for the businesses of breast cancer survivors/patients.

These businesses were built from the strength of the survivors that created them. With Life After the Fight, survivors, family, friends, and all Atlantans can better support survivors as they carry on with their lives after the fight against breast cancer.