“I am so grateful for God allowing our paths to cross and for the part you have been in my cancer journey.  I am truly blessed to have a doctor so gifted by God with a brilliant mind, skillful hands, and a passionate heart for his patients – I know you have made many sacrifices for me and have been at my side when I needed you, your devotion is greatly appreciated.” – Judy

Life-after-fightHaving a breast cancer diagnosis, to say the least, is life changing.  From chemotherapy and radiation to emotional and physical tribulations, breast cancer has many effects on a person.  It has long been my belief that having family and friends for support can tremendously help breast cancer patients, but it shouldn’t stop there.  Plastic surgeons are also very much a part of your team and a big advocate for helping restore the breasts after a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

As an Atlanta breast reconstruction surgeon, I have seen the toll breast cancer can take on a woman’s body.  Having served as director and advisor to several breast cancer organizations over the past 20+ years, educating women on their breast reconstruction options and sharing my expertise to help them restore the breast in a natural way is something that I am deeply connected to.  After breast cancer removal, women can feel a lack of self-confidence and many times are unaware that there is a plastic surgery procedure that can help them achieve natural-looking breasts.

When working with my breast reconstruction patients there are several techniques that can be used and it is determined after an evaluation of the patient’s skin and breast tissue.  If there is a suitable amount to be donated to the new breast, I utilize a flap reconstruction method and reposition the fat, tissue and muscle to create a new breast mound.  For patients that don’t have enough of their own material to donate, we may decide to use a silicone or saline breast implant to improve the symmetry and overall form of the new breast.  Whichever technique we decide, breast reconstruction results have the same main objective – to replace what was once removed with two breasts that are similar in position, look and naturally-feeling.

My involvement with breast cancer survivors goes beyond the operating room.  I have come to appreciate how a survivor’s outlook on life can present itself in new and exciting ways, often encouraging the mentality of living every day to its fullest.  While we often hear about organizations and groups that support women during treatment, there didn’t seem like there was a big focus on women after their fight and that is how Life After the Fight came to be.  I first created Life After the Fight as an interactive business directory for breast cancer survivors who have gone on to start new careers and businesses in their communities because I wanted these women to have a supportive way to connect with other professionals and promote their professional ventures to local patrons.  The businesses that have become a part of the Life After the Fight organization were built from strength and I wanted to share my support as they continue on their successful life journeys.

If you are interested in learning more about Life After the Fight or want to consider your breast reconstruction options, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. David Whiteman of Southern Plastic Surgery, P.C.  You can also stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for the latest breast information and news.