My Philosophy On Facial RejuvenationNo two plastic surgeons are exactly the same. While many of my peers share similar years of experience performing cosmetic procedures, board certifications, and abilities during surgery, the difference often lies within the specific aesthetic sensibility of each individual. Every plastic surgeon wants to help our patients achieve the best and longest-lasting aesthetic results, but I personally differ from many of my colleagues by putting an emphasis on what my patient wants from their surgery, as long as I agree that it will be safe and effective for them. Below I will discuss how this fits into my personal philosophy on facial rejuvenation with plastic surgery.

In art, there is a saying about focusing on the picture and not the frame. I personally believe that this applies to the face as well. Instead of spending unnecessary time and effort on the areas that surround the face, I feel it is most beneficial to the patient to emphasize the central facial features (sometimes known as the inverted triangle) where those viewing our patients will be gazing. Specifically, the eyes, nose, and mouth.

The biggest difference between my philosophy and many other plastic surgeons that I have spoken to in recent years is the idea of deemphasizing the neck. In my personal opinion, after decades of performing facelift surgery and other facial procedures, the neck has minimal contributions to facial identity. Additionally, the neck area has a high rate of future revisions due to natural aging, as well as weight gain and loss, leading to potential dissatisfaction and additional surgical costs for the patient down the road.

This doesn’t mean that ignoring the neck is necessarily the secret to facial rejuvenation. I have just personally had considerable success using less invasive techniques that can provide outstanding revitalization for the neck area while saving the patient in surgical costs. These techniques include fat transfer injections and Kybella fat removal injections among others for the area around the chin and neck.

At the end of the day, the absolute most important thing to me and my surgical team is the long-term happiness and safety of our patients. During pre-surgery consultations in my office, I speak extensively with my patients and present as many surgery options as possible, as well as my personal recommendation on the most appropriate and helpful path available. For more information, contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation. Follow along with Southern Plastic Surgery on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for additional tips, news, and much more.