We’ve seen it discussed far more often than nearly any other cosmetic surgical question – saline versus silicone. Saline is safe; silicone appears more natural. Before now, that was the end of it. However, a new clinical trial has launched to give women the opportunity to try a new style of implant that is both safe and gives a natural-looking result. This new implant is called the “Ideal Implant®”. Since it’s still in its trial and testing phase, its availability is unknown at this time.

Designed by plastic surgeon Dr. Robert S. Hamas, M.D., the Ideal Implant® consists of a series of implant shells of increasing size nested together with saline filling the gaps between layers. These internal shells help to control saline movement (sloshing and bouncing). The implant is built to conform to the chest wall and minimize wrinkling on the sides, a negative drawback to traditional saline implants.

The clinical trial for this new implant is underway right now to help the FDA determine the safety and effectiveness of this new alternative. If they get enough positive data, there very well may be a third option in the future, for those choosing to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. We’ll put our ears to the floor and keep you updated on this fascinating new innovation!