Scarring after plastic surgery is possibly the most common concern that I hear from prospective patients here in my office. Regardless of the specific procedure being performed, no one wants a big, visible scar to ruin the results of their cosmetic procedure. This is why I am always very aware of this concern and do everything I can to minimize scarring during & after cosmetic surgery. In the case of breast lift surgery, I also offer a special technique for some patients that allows me to perform this procedure without leaving behind any vertical scar.

Anyone who has ever seen breast lift results before is probably familiar with the standard vertical scar that runs from the center of the nipple down towards the breast crease. This scar is often somewhat minimal and will fade over time with the right post-surgical care, however, I understand that some women may prefer to avoid it altogether. My No Vertical Scar breast lift technique utilizes a round incision around the areola, hereby eliminating the traditional scar left following this procedure. This technique may be most beneficial for women who experience more modest breast sagging and do not require a large amount of skin and tissue removed during surgery.

In the following video, I discuss my No Vertical Scar breast lift technique and how it can be incredibly helpful for patients who are concerned about scarring:

I pride myself on being able to offer my patients as many safe and trusted surgical alternatives as possible. Doing so allows each patient the chance to find the exact treatment option to help them achieve the results they desire. For more information, contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation. Don’t forget to follow Southern Plastic Surgery on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for additional tips, news, and much more.