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In a previous blog, Dr. David Whiteman announced the Dysport® “Love it or Leave it” Challenge – a special rebate encouraging patients to try Dysport® over the longstanding competitor Botox®. After over 90 percent of patients choosing to “Love it” and receive another injection of Dysport®, the makers are extending the special until September 30, 2010.

The extended special works the same: if you take on the challenge of trying Dysport®, you will receive a $75 rebate on a 300 unit injection. If you “love it” – you will receive another $75 rebate on a second injection of Dysport® (resulting in $150 in savings). If for whatever reason you decide to “leave it”, you can receive a rebate on a second injection of a competition product. More information and rebate form can be found on

Dr. Whiteman of Southern Plastic Surgery offers injections of both Dysport® and Botox® if you are interested in taking on the “Love it or Leave it” Challenge. Both products work by relaxing the muscles in the face to smooth out wrinkles and prevent future wrinkles from forming. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation, make an appointment, or learn more about products and services offered.