Skin Care in Atlanta, GA

Skin Before & After

After testing multiple skin care products, we decided on two lines whose quality meets our high standards: NIA 24™ Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy, and our own SPS Private Label All Natural Skin Treatment. The proof that our products are exemplary will come when you see the positive changes to your skin after a period of several months.

NIA 24™ Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy

Repair is never as good as prevention, particularly in skin care. NIA 24™ taps into skin’s own self-protective powers with the first inside-out topical Niacin-powered skin barrier-building system. This patented Micro-Nutrient Delivery system brings a continuous-release form of Niacin to skin.

Physical Cleansing Scrub

This all-in-one cleansing scrub gently removes dead skin cells. Pro-Niasomes™, which are spherical Jojoba Beads infused with Pro-Niacin™, help wash away skin’s visible imperfections, improving dry patches and uneven texture.

Sun Damage Prevention

The sun damage prevention offers duo-action sun damage prevention and 100 percent mineral sunscreen in a weightless, oil-free lotion that absorbs instantly for complete protection. The product offers advanced, broad spectrum protection from UVA/UVB ultraviolet rays.

Skin Strengthening Complex

Neither too heavy nor too light, this fortified cream visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by enhancing the skin’s barrier function, accelerating repair and delivering continual miniaturization. Vitamin A helps to improve elasticity and skin texture. Anti-oxidants green tea and rosemary restore and protect the skin.

SPS Private Label All Natural Skin Treatment

SPS Private LabelOur skin care line is an all-natural, vitamin enriched skin treatment which combines science with nature. Our products are carefully selected based upon research demonstrating true efficacy. Our products have no artificial dyes or fragrances and have 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB radiation.

Oxygen Revitalizing Cleanser

This cleanser awakens and stimulates the skin using ginseng extract, orchid extract, and glycoprotients to help promote oxygen revitalizing effects which are lost with aging.

Vital Hydrating Toner

A blend of vital extracts refresh, hydrate, and stimulate sluggish skin. The toner helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other residue from the skin.

Super Firm Cream

The Super Firm Cream provides ingredients that tighten aging skin, while enhancing texture and reducing wrinkles. Clinical studies confirm the reduction of superficial lines by 36 percent in four weeks, and the increase of skin firmness by 21 percent in four weeks.

Complex C Moisturizer

Pure absorbing acid Vitamin C crème protects, hydrates, and conditions the skin without irritation. Vitamin C is a major anti-oxidant in the body and is essential in healthy skin.

Skin Lightener

This gel incorporates 2 percent Hydroquinone and 3 percent kojic acid to help lighten and fade age spots, freckles, and sun-damaged skin.

Sunscreens SPF 15 & SPS 30

Both sunscreens have antioxidant ingredients which help prevent redness as well as rough and peeling skin due to sun exposure.

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