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I won’t remind you how many more shopping days you have left to procrastinate but the quest for the “perfect gift” for a loved one could be on a lot of your minds right about now. This time of year sends many of us on the hunt for gifts we think will put the biggest smiles on the faces of our family and friends.  Gifts can be tricky and when coming up with ideas many of us may get caught up in wondering what to get someone, if they’ll like a particular gift, will the gift even get used, or if money is being well spent. But how many of you have ever considered plastic surgery as a gift idea? Plastic surgery could be the one gift to trump all gifts for some, but before you think that sounds crazy, hear me out. Here’s my take on giving the gift of plastic surgery etiquette.

give the gift of plastic surgeryProbably one of the most important gift-giving tips I can think of is to actively listen to the person you’re planning on buying a gift for. Every day conversations can be sprinkled with insights into a person’s wishes and wants and can later be good resources for buying them a great gift. It doesn’t just have to be the holiday season where we splurge on those we love but it can also be ideal for birthday, anniversary, and even congratulatory gifts. But how do you know if a person would ideally enjoy plastic surgery as a gift? If they’re consistently remarking about how they’d love a breast augmentation to fill out a bathing suit better or wish they could feel confident in their skin with perkier breasts thanks to a breast lift, then there are your first clues.

Plastic surgery should be a well thought out and researched experience. Since the procedure would be for someone else, it’s best to let them make a well-informed and carefully considered decision for who they’d like to have perform their breast procedure. You wouldn’t send your family members to back alley doctors so if you’re going to pick a doctor yourself, make sure they are board certified and have plenty of experience specializing in the procedure you’re exploring. Last thing you want is for your loved one’s breast enhancement results to fall short of ideal expectations or potentially experience increased risks to their health.

Since you can’t technically gift wrap plastic surgery, here’s where you can get creative. Create your own gift certificate or put together a care package of items they’ll need when they’re recovering. In my experience, I’ve seen such positive impacts plastic surgery can have for a person and sometimes they just need to know they are supported by those they love. Giving the gift of cosmetic surgery can be life-changing for men and women of all ages. It can boost a person’s confidence and give them the motivation to focus on other positive aspirations in their life – and it could have all been possible in part to your thoughtful generosity.

Feel free to contact Southern Plastic Surgery to learn more about the procedures I perform and how we can help you give the gift of plastic surgery. Happy holiday shopping everyone!