Times change and with that, so do the styles and preferences of society. There was a time when cosmetic breast surgery was almost synonymous with breast enlargement, but recent breast surgery trends indicate that line of thinking may be a thing of the past. A 2015 survey from Real Self revealed that plastic surgeons noted their patients were twice as likely to select smaller breast implants over larger ones when asked how breast ideals have changed over the last year.

Smaller Breasts More In-Demand in 2016There are a number of possible reasons for this shift in attitude towards a woman’s preferred breast size. For one, styles change. Today, many women may prefer a fit, nature look which entails a more trim physique and small breasts. There are health and quality-of-life considerations for women seeking breast reduction surgery.

Whatever the cause, it seems more women than ever are opting for smaller, more natural implants or other procedures to reduce their natural bust.

Smaller Implants

Breast augmentation procedures using smaller breast implants are quickly becoming the norm. Unlike larger implants that can sometimes look artificial or cause a woman’s body to appear disproportionate, a more modest set of implants can provide a more natural form. Additionally, smaller breast implants require less post-surgery recovery time.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction procedures are also a popular choice for women seeking a more modest bust. Breast reduction is an ideal option for women with overly heavy natural breasts that can cause chronic neck, back and shoulder issues and also affect posture. During breast reduction for women, an incision is made on the lower area of the breast and extra skin and tissue are then removed, reducing the overall size of the breast. A breast reduction is commonly paired with a breast lift for even greater results.

As a plastic surgeon with over 22 years of experience, I know that these kinds of procedures can offer truly life-changing results. Having the body that will provide you with the most confidence, comfort and general well-being is essential to feeling great and living your best life. If you’re interested in breast reduction, breast augmentation or any of the other breast procedures I perform, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. David Whiteman at Southern Plastic Surgery at 770-622-9100 with any questions, concerns or to schedule your complimentary consultation today.