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smiling-female-photo“How can I know if a plastic surgeon I am interested in is someone that I can trust and depend on?” In my personal experience, while certain credentials, certifications, and other personal milestones can all be positive indicators when trying to select a plastic surgeon, there is no better way to judge a doctor than seeing how their patients feel about them and their results. This is why I am always so proud to present plastic surgery testimonials from my patients. Today, I wanted to specifically focus on Hayley, a patient who came to Southern Plastic Surgery after initially meeting with a different plastic surgeon and not being fully satisfied with her experience.

“I had already had a consultation with another Atlanta area plastic surgeon, and I had even scheduled surgery with her,” says Hayley. However, in the time between her consultation and the booked surgery date, she spoke to multiple friends who had previously worked with this surgeon and were not happy with their experiences. “Even though she refused to refund my deposit, I canceled, and I’m so glad that I did.”

To get a better understanding of how we work to set ourselves apart from other practices in the area, read Hayley discuss her time with us in her own words:

“David Whiteman is a surgical god. At my initial consultation, we sat down and talked about my goals. He really listened to what I was saying, then he took some measurements, and we formulated a plan that was right for me. At this visit, I was most impressed with his level of professionalism. His office staff was bright, friendly, and unpretentious. Dr. Whiteman’s consultation was on another level completely – he and his nurse were much more thorough, taking measurements, and doing things that the other surgeon never did.

Until I met Dr. Whiteman, I was in the dark about what a real plastic surgery consultation was supposed to be like. He thoroughly explained all the potential risks and benefits (rather than just having me read them on a tablet), told me what to expect through every phase, and when I left the appointment, I was confident that I had made the right decision in choosing him for my surgery.

The procedure went smoothly, and I received the same level of care at my post-op visits as I did on day one. I knew precisely what to expect as I recovered, so there were never any gray areas or confusion. Now, six weeks later, I am LOVING my results. I feel that I look the way I am “supposed to.” The way I told Dr. Whiteman that I wanted to. He gave me EXACTLY what I wanted, and I am so comfortable in my skin now. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Whiteman over the other surgeon. I would choose him again and again. He is a phenomenal surgeon, a good person, and also a really nice guy.”

I want to thank Hayley for taking the time to leave us such a thoughtful testimonial. Being able to be there for our patients through every step of their plastic surgery journey is a major point of pride for everyone here at our practice. For more information or to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation appointment, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery today. Don’t forget that you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for additional patient stories, pictures, news, and much more.