Working as a plastic surgeon can be incredibly rewarding. I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of patients and help them achieve their personal cosmetic goals. The patient/plastic surgeon relationship does not end after a procedure is complete. I have been lucky enough to forge meaningful relationships with several patients I have worked with over the years. I’ve seen firsthand the amazing impact their rejuvenated appearances can have on their overall wellbeing. One such patient was kind enough provide us with some information about his experience at Southern Plastic Surgery. In order to honor the patient’s request to remain anonymous, his name has been omitted.

Lipo in atlanta gaPatient “X”, as we will refer to him, came to Southern Plastic Surgery to have liposuction performed on his abdomen and love handles. As a professional Quality Manager who also works part-time as an actor, it’s no surprise that maintaining a fit, healthy-looking appearance was very important to him.  

Patient “X” tried for years to shed excess stubborn fat from his stomach and love handles but had no success with diet and exercise alone. After determining that undergoing liposuction could be the solution he was looking for, he spoke to his wife who I had previously seen for a tummy tuck of her own. “After she spoke so highly of her results and Dr. Whiteman’s attention to detail, I knew he was the right plastic surgeon for me.”

Needless to say, Patient “X” was extremely satisfied with the results of his liposuction surgery. “Being 45 years old and having my old 20-year-old body has given me back my confidence. I can finally tuck my shirts in again!” He also spoke very highly of his time spent in the Southern Plastic Surgery office. “The staff was very pleasant, and I never felt pressured, as if I was buying a car. I always felt like the decisions I was making were my own.”

When asked if he would consider coming back to us for another procedure, Patient “X” said, “Yes, definitely. Dr. Whiteman really understands what you are looking for and gives you real advice to achieve that goal.” It was excellent hearing back from Patient “X” and knowing that his liposuction has had such positive impact on his life. If you are considering plastic surgery, I encourage you to contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery today to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation. Don’t forget that you can follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional patient testimonials, photos, news, and more from the world of plastic surgery.