I have been working with male plastic surgery patients for years and cannot count how many times that I have been asked about potential treatment options for gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). Specifically, many guys are interested in the possibility of a nonsurgical treatment alternative for this condition. Unfortunately, this does not exist. Any medication that boasts the ability to reduce male breast enlargement will not be able to provide the results that patients are hoping for. On the other hand, male breast reduction surgery can provide outstanding and long-lasting results for men who experience gynecomastia.

Since true gynecomastia is caused by excessive growth of glandular tissue in the chest, simply removing fat from this area will not be able to relieve gynecomastia symptoms. Male breast reduction works by surgically removing this glandular tissue, as well as excess fat and skin (if needed), in a manner that will prevent a recurrence of enlargement in the area. The result is a flatter, more masculine chest and considerably more self-confidence.

In the video below, I discuss male breast reduction and how it can help men who experience gynecomastia:

In my personal experience, the results achieved with male breast reduction procedures can be truly life-changing for men who are unhappy with their body contour thanks to gynecomastia. In order to confirm that you are a good candidate for this procedure, I recommend consulting first with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this area. For more information or to schedule a complimentary plastic surgery consultation today, please contact me, Dr. David Whiteman, at Southern Plastic Surgery. You can follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for additional plastic surgery news, tips, practice updates, and much more.