Dr. Whiteman and family hitch a ride on the Weiner Mobile!

004All of us are guilty of getting the catchy song about our “bologna’s first name” stuck in our head and have memories of getting overly giddy when we saw the infamous Weiner Mobile cruising down the streets of our town. These reminiscent childhood memories are what sparked Dr. Whiteman and his wife Sheri to bid on a stuffed replica of the Weiner Mobile at this year’s Sport of Giving Silent Auction at their annual Pink Party. To their delight – they won! – and along with it, a ride on one of Oscar Meyer’s hotdog shaped vehicles. While this experience might have been a childhood dream come true, the purpose of the auction (and the exciting items that guests were able to bid on) was to make women’s dreams of cancer recovery come true. Dr. Whiteman serves on the board of directors of the Sport of Giving, a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization that raises money in support of breast cancer care and prevention in the Atlanta community. As spokesperson and medical advisor of the Sport of Giving, the breast cancer cause is very close to Dr. Whiteman’s heart. He dedicates himself to breast cancer research and education – performing breast reconstructions, devoting his time to regularly counsel breast cancer patients, and speaking to various hospitals and associations. To find out more about the fun and exciting events that the Sport of Giving hosts and ways you can get involved, visit www.sportofgiving.com.
“… and when they ask me why I say, Cause Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A!”

Taking Cosmetic Surgery Shortcuts Carries More Risk Than Reward

Not only should you be wary of specific “techniques” created by individual plastic surgeons (often a marketing tactic to separate them from the crowd), but also be careful of any new or recent unproven techniques meant to create a shortcut around a surgical procedure with proven results. One such case can be seen with something called the “Botox® Breast Lift”, where an injection of Botox® is administered to the pectoralis minor to paralyze them. This supposedly causes the back muscles, the rhomboids, to tighten, thus straightening your back and giving what appears to be a non-surgical breast lift.

However, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has deemed this procedure “dangerous nonsense”, the words of president-elect Michael McGuire, M.D.. Even the president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Patrick McMenamin, M.D., agrees that this procedure will simply not work. Among the many dangers associated with this procedure is the fact the pectoralis minor is settled on top of the rib cage; an unskilled surgeon could pierce your lung. They are also unsure if paralyzing this muscle would make it more difficult to breathe, or if the amount of Botox® necessary would reach dangerous levels.

Don’t take shortcuts when your body and your health are on the line. If you want a breast lift, get a breast lift. If it’s truly important to you, you will be ready for the time commitment necessary in order to welcome beautiful and natural looking results as provided by Southern Plastic Surgery!