Making New Year’s Resolutions and Sticking to Them

Time after time we make New Year’s resolutions with the goal of improving our lives within the next year.  We have the best intentions in thinking this year will be different: we will get our finances straightened out this year; we will start exercising and eating healthier this year, etc.  With the help of Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. David Whiteman and personal trainer Daryl Madison, this year can be different.  Dr. Whiteman believes diet and exercise go hand in hand with plastic surgery because they both enhance quality of life. Daryl, the founder of Atlanta personal training company Lifestyle fitness and developer of the Chair-A-Cise workout program, has been helping to enhance the lives of Atlantans for nearly a decade.

As one could probably guess, diet and weight loss resolutions are at the top of many 2011 resolution lists. One problem with these resolutions is that most people are unsure where to start. When people start a workout program, they are either afraid to do too much and don’t do enough, or over-do it the first day, making the next few workouts harder than they should be. If you want to get in shape this year, we suggest starting at your doctor’s office. It is important to know what physical shape you are in before you start a new work out program. Once you speak to your doctor, find a program that will ease you into a routine: a progressive system like Daryl’s Chair-A-Cise fitness program may be a good place to start.

Chair-A-Cise is suitable for people of all ages and all fitness levels. More experienced athletes can simply add weight to increase their workout.  Daryl suggests that beginners start out with no (or minimal) weight.  There are four DVDs in the Chair-A-Cise program: the original Chair-A-Cise, Chair-A-Cise 2, Chair-A-Cise Abs, and Chair-A-Cise Turbo.  Each of these DVDs can be purchased on the Chair-A-Cise website, individually or as a package.  While the Chair-a-cise package is an investment, Daryl reminds his client that it’s easier to stay motivated about exercise when you incorporate multiple routines into your workout plan.

If your diet is also in need of a little revision, Daryl also has a selection of 3 day, 6 day, and 10 week quick weight loss plans to jump-start your healthy lifestyle this year.  Dr. Whiteman recommends Chair-A-Cise to plastic surgery patients who are looking for an easy to follow workout routine or just a better way to get in shape.  Because plastic surgery patients must take time to rest after surgery their fitness routines are often interrupted.  Chair-A-Cise can help them ease back into regular exercise after a major procedure (after a board certified plastic surgeon gives them permission to commence).

So this is your year to redeem yourself by sticking to your resolutions.  If your resolutions are to get rid of wrinkles or reclaim your pre-baby body, be sure to contact Dr. Whiteman’s office to schedule your consultation for facial rejuvenation, facelift, or mommy makeover surgery.  For more information on plastic surgery procedures Dr. Whiteman offers, please visit his website and keep reading the blog for health and wellness and plastic surgery news.

Nipple Correction Surgery can be the Key to a Better Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentations and breast lifts are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the nation; but many women don’t realize how much the nipple and surrounding dark area (the areola) around the nipple can affect the look of the overall breast. Thus more and more people are opting for nipple or areola correction surgery (also known as Areola mastopexy), a reconstructive surgery to correct aesthetic problems by changing the shape and size of the nipple.

Nipple correction can give your breasts a whole new look, without having to undergo extensive surgery. In fact, the procedure is an in-office procedure, only requires local anesthesia, and no downtime. Nipple correction is most often done in conjunction with other breast enhancement procedures.

Patients who seek reconstructive surgery on their nipples are often unsatisfied with an areola that is too large, of unusual shape, or one that protrudes out. For patients such as these, nipple reduction or nipple prominence reduction would be recommended. This is a procedure that involves telescoping the nipple to make it look less prominent in clothing, without affecting nipple sensation or the ability to breastfeed.

Some women wish to correct the “stretched” look of their nipples caused by a condition known as ptosis, or the stretching of breast skin, loss of breast fullness, and the subsequent downward projection of the nipple. This can often be corrected by a donut mastoplexy, which involves the removal of a donut-shaped piece of tissue around the areola, resulting in a flatter, rounder breast and nipple shape.

Others opt for a lifting surgical technique, also called a crescent mastoplexy, where the nipple is elevated on the breast to make breasts appear perkier or more lifted without undergoing a breast lift procedure. This procedure involves excising a crescent-shaped piece of excess skin from above the nipple, allowing the nipple to be lifted and repositioned.

Others come in to correct a fairly common condition called an inverted nipple or a cosmetic deformity in which the nipple is retracted into the breast tissue instead of pointing outward. There are three grades of inverted nipples, rising in severity, and the inversion can be present in one or both breasts.

Whatever aesthetic feature you wish to correct, it is important to acknowledge the variety of options available to cosmetic surgery patients. While breast lift and breast augmentation procedures are the still the most realistic options for enhancing the look of the breasts, nipple revision surgery may be a viable option for a select few.

Consult with Dr. Whiteman at Southern Plastic Surgery to discover which option will be the best for your breast enhancement needs.