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Is It Safe To Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery?

Every patient that I work with obviously wants the very best from their cosmetic surgery procedure. And although this typically refers to outstanding and long-lasting aesthetic results, safety is an even higher priority for me. While it’s true that cosmetic surgery procedures like breast reduction surgery are very safe as long as the patient is

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True or False: No Vertical Scar Breast Reduction

There are many reasons that a woman might seek out breast reduction surgery. Whether she is tired of her larger breasts that can throw off the proportions of her figure, or experiencing back pain due to overly heavy breasts, breast reduction can provide many outstanding and long-lasting benefits. However, one common concern that I have

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Spotlight Testimonial: No Vertical Scar Breast Reduction

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, it’s always incredibly rewarding to know that the cosmetic procedures that I perform have made a substantial impact on the lives of my patients. I love hearing back from my patients and learning specifically how undergoing plastic surgery at Southern Plastic Surgery has improved their appearance and self-confidence. With

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